My Judgment is Impaired from this illness

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TeaBisqit, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    I think my judgment is severely affected by this disease. Yesterday, I made a decision that I absolutely knew was the wrong thing to do, but I did it anyway. And it's not the first time in my life that this has gone on since my being sick.

    I just started selling Avon again. And I have a helper, whom I barely even know. That right there was bad judgment to start with. But I kind of put it in God's hands that she really is helping and not looking to harm me.

    But what happened yesterday was, after I finished sorting all the orders, which took hours and hours, I was too sick to care anymore. So I let her deliver them. I literally handed my helper, whom I barely even know, about two hundred dollars worth of Avon products and let her walk out the door with them. And I let another neighbor help her, whom I also barely even know. They did deliver the orders, they didn't steal the stuff on me. But the point is, they could have done so. It was bad judgment that could have resulted in me losing about two hundred dollars because I still had to pay Avon for all that.

    If I were healthy, never in a million years would I have done that. I would have delivered it all myself.

    I've done other things that I know were impaired judgment over the years. To me, yesterday was a major one though, because it could have resulted in my losing that money. Everyone pre-paid me, so I would have had to have given everyone their money back and still paid Avon on top. To me, I put myself into a bad situation. I know my judgment is impaired. I've known it for years.

    I didn't even make a dime on this order. It was a start up order, so I spent money on the samples, catalogs, bags. I ended up spending thirty-five dollars. I have enough of those to last awhile now, though. So the next order I don't have to do that.
  2. whoachief

    whoachief New Member

    Glad these people were trustworthy!!! I've done things like that before too - I sometimes agree to watch my grandchildren knowing full well I can't do it. fortunately my husband is here when they are & he "takes over".
  3. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I've made bad decisions that baffle me and I finally came to realize that CFS is probably a major factor as to why I made them.

    In your case Tea, I don't see how you had a choice though. That's a big part of our problem. We're often well enough to start something but then the illness overtakes us again and we can't follow through. I think that this is one of the most disabling and frustrating parts of having these DDs.

    In some ways becoming more disabled has helped me in that it's taken me out of the world and I make less mistakes that could be costly now.

    I'm glad those women were trustworthy.

  4. landra

    landra New Member

    You really had no choice. Now that the start-up is past, will there be less work each time? I've never done Avon, etc. so I don't know. Could the helper help you more on sorting? Could you do the sorting over a couple of days?

    But one thing that crossed my mind is that as a society we are inundated with stories of people ripping people off - but we do't hear the good stories. Lots of people are naturally helpful, esp. when someone is in need. A man once stopped in the middle of the night and towed my mother's car to a repair place, then drove her 300 miles to her home!! [I think she paid his gas.] An elderly native american man once stopped and picked up me and my friend when we went off the road in a snowstorm, took us into town, and drove us around till he found us a motel.

    Neighborhood watch groups are a smaller example. My neighbors make sure my garbage is out, and then bring the garbage can back up if they don't see me out and about on garbage day.

    So this was a big test, but your helper passed it!! And a neighbor pitched in - good to have neighbors like that.
  5. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    People don't realize it really does require alertness. You have to write the orders correctly, submit them correctly. Then when you get the stuff back, you have to sort it by hand and make sure you got everything right.

    When you bill people, you have to make sure you add it all up right and add the sales tax the processing fee.

    You have to make out your info on the back of all the catalogs with a date the catalog is good till.

    Alot goes into doing Avon. And if people don't give you time to sort it, like what happened to me, then it's a hundred times harder. I'm going to put my foot down on that if I get orders again. I am going to insist that everyone leave me be until I call them, not the other way around. I won't answer the door or phone until I am ready to do so. What they did was unfair. I told everyone not to bug me until late afternoon. And instead of abiding by that, as soon as people saw the UPS truck pull up, they started to bother me.

    We'll see how this works out. I hope it does. I really wanted to just supplement my check enough for some grocery money during the month.
  6. Carmen07

    Carmen07 New Member

    You're fortunate to have customers so early on! I have known people to come and go through these direct selling jobs due to not being able to establish a good customer base.
    Good luck!
  7. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    It sounds like you have a good plan for dealing with this next time. It's totally reasonable for you to ask your customers not to bother you until you get a chance to sort their orders.
    That's a good boundary to put in place. Just be business-like about it and don't bring up your DD, as I'm sure you already know.

    Hope it goes better next time. Let us know.

  8. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    My helper made the mistake of letting this foreign woman order from us. She couldn't understand that her order wouldn't be here until the twentieth. She kept insisting we were lying that we didn't have the products on hand because she had seen her neighbor get her stuff last week. And we had to keep telling her that it was a different order and the orders come every two to four weeks. And she didn't understand. And I gave her her money back. And then she changed her mind and said she would wait like everyone else. So she handed the money back to us. And for now, that's the end of it. She doesn't speak English like we do. She speaks a heavy version of Patois from the Islands. I'm familiar with it, but it's been a LONG time for me, so I was having trouble even understanding her. I think when she sees she gets the stuff on the twentieth, then she'll calm down.

    Alot of this is a case of, these people don't know me yet. And she was worried I would just take her money and run off. But when she saw that I handed it back, that helped alot.

    It was amusing to get yelled at in Patois, though. Their phrases are different from ours. Like she said to me, "You are changin your voice to me." Which meant she thought I was yelling at her or whatever. But really I just went into my business tone, which is a total, "I don't care" tone. And I flat out said, "If you want your money back, we will give it back to you. If you want to wait until the twentieth like everyone else, we will be happy to do that, too. It is your choice." Honestly, I really didn't care. I'm not making anything on this order either, so to me, it doesn't matter yet.

    It's really hard to make anything with Avon. You need alot of customers. I have no idea if I will make anything, or if I will end up just getting my stuff for free. I don't know yet. I use their skin stuff and shower gels and things. This order I'm getting myself a sleep shirt and a pair of shoes cause I really need them. So I'm just not making money yet. I'm hoping it will build up to where I can. But that could take time.

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