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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by NyroFan, Aug 19, 2006.

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    he said there is fat tissue cirulating in my body. He blamed it on gallstones, which I have, and fatty tissue around an organ (liver).

    I always thought fatty tissue around an organ meant future cancer. Nice.

    He said that gallstones alone would cause these fatty tissues to be in my blood.

    He just wanted to know if a doctor was aware of it.

    There is.

    And I am supposed to go to the GI doc soon. The GP asked if it was five years since the removal of growths. I said four and put it off for another year. (I am just not up to doing it again now and I do not think one year will matter).

    Really...what would you do? Doesn't it get to be an overload sometimes?


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    Sorry didn't see your post sooner.

    I have fatty liver, but keep it under good control with milk thistle, a really good brand (in far away room, so if want info, let me know, will list it Sunday for you.

    I had a liver biopsy to prove it. The medical name is NASH (non-alcoholic steato hepatitis) if you want to look it up somewhere.

    Eat well, less fatty or greasy food, plenty of veggies and salads and a good non-trans fat butter. Oatmeal lowers cholester pretty well for me, which also lower fat liver has to process.

    Yeah, liver enzymes should be checked once a year, dr. says...I get mine done in Sept or Oct.

    Take care of you...

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