My labs came back not so good

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  1. Saoirse3

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    In the continuing saga of "Stacey has more fun at the hospital" my gastroenterologist ordered an INR so that I would have a current MELD score. For the uninitiated, it is a probability of whether or not you will live 90 days. I know it sounds weird, but it is necessary for me so that I might be accepted into Emory University Hospital's liver program in Atlanta. Well, today I get my lab results and guess what? The hospital here "forgot" to do it. I am so sick of this so-called hospital! So now I have to go back, wait some more, ask if there is anyone at the lab who is literate, and pray Emory doesn't call, because I can't make an appointment without the MELD score! Or do I need to just use a steak knife and see how long it takes to stop bleeding? (that's what an INR does). The only good news was that the ultrasound showed no cancer, so I am happy for that. Of course the rest of my working parts aren't in the best shape, but I'm trying to fix that!

    Soft hugs,
  2. Saoirse3

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    My MELD score came back and mine says I am "gravely ill". The highest you can go is a 40 and that means death is imminent. Mine is a 37. This was a pretty cold blow and I'm scared. I want to see my grandkids again. I want to see my husband and I celebrated 30 years of marriage. I want to meet all of you and tell you what you mean to me! So if you have a dusty old candle lying around, light it for me, please!

    Soft hugs,
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    I'll keep you in my prayers! I'm so sorry for your high MELD score.

    Does this mean you now will get into the liver program?

  4. sunflowergirl

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    Have you had liver troubles in the past? It also mentioned low oxygen levels. I most certainly will add you to my daily prayers. positive thing is no cancer. And also, God is always in control so moving to Atlanta might be the best thing for you. You've been hit with such traumatic things in your life lately so you're overdue for good things to begin for you.
  5. Saoirse3

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    Did an ultrasound on Easter (of all days!) and I am NOT as "gravely ill" as they wanted me to believe. In fact, even though I have gallstones and an enlarged spleen, it isn't all THAT terrible! I do not have one foot in the grave and another on a banana peel. Of course I had to sit with a medical dictionary and look up all the ultrasound terms, but when I wrote it all out, I am "borderline". I am still going to go to Emory University Liver Center (funny, they called today and said I had an appointment on Monday, the 8th at 9 AM! I'm not sure how they think I am going to get from Alaska to Atlanta in 5 days! If I could do THAT, I wouldn't need to see them! Beam me over, Scotty!)

    Soft hugs,
  6. ... I had no idea all of this was going on! I am so sorry to hear all the stress you've had to endure with this ordeal! I'm so relieved to hear that you are not as gravely ill as they led you to believe! But I am definitely praying for you, Stacey! And will continue to do so daily! You can count on that!

    I'm not familiar with the MELD test or score either... But I assume it measure liver function??? I'll have to look it up online.

    I think we always have to take medical test scores with a grain salt, since they CAN be inaccurate. I can't tell you how many times doctors have stressed folks in my family out because their "test results" didn't look good. And then low and behold, everything was fine.

    I'm not saying we should ignore test results... Not by any means... But that we have to look at it at other angles as well... And certainly never forget that God is in control and can turn things around in the blink of an eye!

    I just hate you had to go through that fear and anxiety. I am praying that you CAN get to Emory as soon as possible and that they can give you the help you need, Stacey.

    Please fill me in on how long you've had liver issues and how it was discovered. And do you think this is at the root of ALL your health issues, or in addition to??

    Please keep us posted, Stacey! Praying that God will strengthen, sustain, uplift and heal you, my friend. God bless you!

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,

    P.S. I LOVE your sense of humor, Stacey! Don't ever lose that! Such a blessing!
  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Did a doctor tell you that this was extremely serious or what? And I'm praying that you will get to Emory with energy to spare. And I agree with have such a great sense of humor. It's been proven that if we can find humor in everything we will heal. There's that mind/body connection.

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