My last choice should have been my first.

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    Up to now..since I was a kid..pain, anxiety, sleeplessness/oversleeping..fatigue and depression because of it all.

    Went to medical docs..all gave me a pat on the head..said it was growing pains, said it was nerves, etc.

    Now..age 50..went to holistic nurse three weeks ago. Am being treated for toxic liver and especially adrenal fatigue. Changed diet:cut down on caffeine, cut down on sugar, eat protein,carbs and fruit/veg at each meal. Started taking Immuplex and Cytozyme AD. Started with one each and worked up very slowly. Now on one of each with each meal. I walk 20 min. every morning, drink at least 72 oz of water.

    Results after three weeks. Sleeping like a rock. Feel good when I wake up. My anxiety has been cut over half.(It was usual for me to get at least 30 or so fight or flight episodes a day.) I have a feeling of well being. Everyone tells me my voice sounds different..strong. The yellow cast has gone. After the first week, my pain is in half. After a vague headache for about two head is feeling so much better. From my eyebrows sinuses are better..she said to expect that to spread to the rest of my head..oh boy!!

    I still get tired. I even lay down for a nap if I need to. I have not detoxed yet, I am going to start slowly on Monday again. I am going to add liquid Iodine tomorrow morning. I still get muscle tension/pain but it seems to leave sooner. My leg cramps are leaving also..they really were riled up when I started walking. I still have some dizziness. I still have some tremendous mood swings. And we know that my hormones are really to the moon. She is just not going to treat them till we get me detoxed and my adrenals are functioning properly.

    I got my hair analysis is all I can say. She compared me to an adult in Ethiopia. She said my biggest problem is minerals and the lack of absorption of them. I could not believe it as I take some minerals. But the ration between the ones that are supposed to be working together are like waaaaaay off. I am severly low in copper..take a look on the will be shocked at the symptoms associated with this problem. I am also a fast #1 metabolizer. Soooo many things that cause this so called Fibro/cfs thing.

    I am seriously wondering if the medical profession is way outta line here. It almost looks like they use fibro/cfs as the trash basket answer with no cure. I am truly starting to believe this. If I get NO better...the last three weeks have brought me to a place I have not been since I was like six. I wept twice yesterday for this gift. I have tears now for the same gratitude, to God, and this wonderful woman.

    I would say this to all on the board who are not getting better..get a hair analysis and find someone who knows how to read it. Get your adrenals looked at. All these years..I bet you I have had at LEAST 25 thyroid panels run..normal they said. She took a look at the last one a gp had run...and said...I do not like your test..normal for one is not normal for another..your adrenals are severely fatigued. DUH?!?!

    Please do not go forty years without looking into a different way of treating illness.

    Sorry this was soooo long...but if it helps one person seek help in a different path..hey, its worth it.
    blessings on your day...Sherry

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    Wow, Sherry... sounds like you're on the road to feeling better!

    And I totally agree with you about the medical profession as a whole when it comes to diagnosing those with CFS/FM. I too went to numerous doctors who said all my bloodwork was "normal". Yeah, right. I finally found a holistic/alternative medicine doctor who took one look at my ferritin levels and thyroid panel and said, "No one's ever put you on iron supplements or thyroid medication?"


    I wish you the best in your quest for good health. God bless.

  3. stillafreemind

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    You understand exactly what I am saying. Makes me just wish that everyone would give holistics a chance before they get mired down into the system.

    Hope you have continued good health also..have a great day..Sherry
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    Girl, we are blessed!

    I am also going to a HO/MD Sept 2 and cannot wait. The medical communoity is doing nothing but making me more sick. I am so excited about my appointment I could do jumping jacks.. I feel like a little kid again. I started eating organic foods, nothing processed and let me tell you what a HUGE difference it makes. Amazing!

    Conventional medicine does not have a clue and even if they do, they are making money off of us being ill.. Kinda makes you wonder???

    Keep me posted on how things go!

  5. tandy

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    for this encouraging post!! I've been considering this way for awhile now.....holistic or even Naturapath(sp)
    I have a place called The Wellness center nearby that is suppose to be just like your talking. I think they do the hair analysis,then add supplements and such according to your defeciencys. I just wonder how expensive it is for an evaluation.I don't think any insurance covers this kind of treatment?? I'm so glad your getting some help!! thanks....and continued success for you!! :)
  6. stillafreemind

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    Bless your heart..ya sound like me. I was afraid of the cost. She has been very reasonable. Our insurance is 60/20..we just got done paying off a bill for a lymes disease test .. it cost me about the same amount as three visits, supps, and the hair analysis has.

    I paid her $120.00 the first visit. That covered the first and second office visit and her evaluation of the hair analysis. I paid the lab that ran the analysis $42.00. It took a couple of weeks to get the results. It is written up in book form..and it is just for me..has my charts on minerals, toxic elements..etc. I did not think that was too bad. Especially when you figure that I have gotten such good results. She is also VERY accessible to me by email and/or phone. And does not charge for them.

    Wishing you a very good experience. I tell ya...I think I would snoop around a little before I made an appt. I had called a place two years ago..their initial cost was $600.00!! I could not go there! Then my mom kept coming home from her haircuts and talking about this holistic nurse that was about fifty miles from me. The clients of this hairdresser were one by one going to her and coming back with such wonderful sucesses.. so I swear the Lord nudged me..and I jumped in with both feet. Word of mouth is kind of a great clue as to how good a place is I think.
    Good luck and keep me updated if you decide to try it! ...Sherry
  7. stillafreemind

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    thanks you guys! I love the support. And when I start to detox again..I may REALLY need your support! Although she goes slow as she hates to see people herx.

    htvm (oops I think I may have gotten the letters reversed!) I am soooo proud of you for taking your sons welfare into hand and doing what you had to do. Plenty of people will sit back and naysay you..but they are usually people who have not been walking in your shoes. Keep up the good work and help me out along the way...would ya?

    lele..I am so very happy that you are taking this step. I must admit that I was nervous the first time. But now, I find myself looking forward to going!! Please let us know how it goes for you..I will try very hard not to miss your post on your visit!

    May God bless and keep you guys..Sher
  8. Mikie

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    Good for you! I'm very happy that you have found things which are helping you so much. I love the ImmunPlex and think it is really helping me.

    Love, Mikie
  9. klutzo

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    Thank you so much for posting this! I sometimes feel like nobody is hearing me when I keep posting over and over that I don't want them to waste 17 yrs. with conventional medicine like I did. I have more health problems now, all due to drugs that regular docs put me on.
    I get so frustrated when I read posts by newbies that are still being jerked around by doctors in the exact same ways that I was back in 1986! No progress at all. It is so discouraging.
    PLEASE listen to Sherry. I was told for 17 yrs. that my thyroid tests were normal. One visit to a holistic doc and only two doses of Armour Thryoid and I had more energy than I had for the past 17 yrs. I have hope again and you can't put a price on that.

    P.S. My hair test showed that I am a "type II slow metabolizer", so we are not all the same!
  10. LeLeHpr

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    You are right about being nudged..LOL God sent a perfect stranger to me at the dollar store to peak my interest of Ho docs. Said that this specific doc was amazing and that God was able to work miracles through him. So, I called bought his book and started eating organic. His a very well known HO doc and Christian doc, so I am doubly blessed!!!!

    I will keep you posted. As for the cost. My health is more than worth what it may cost up front me to get better. I think I will end up spending between 500.00-1200.00 for the 1st visit this includes an hour and half visit with the doc or longer depending on how much time he feels you personally need WOW! Imagine that!, blood test, hair sample test, and diet/supplement lecture. I have wasted so much money, not including work time/compensation that I could have paid for 100 visits to this HO doc. So, I am praying that God touches this Doc and he uses him to work his miracles! Oh, another thing I like about this doc is he gives you scripture to read to help you out!!!!! AMEN!
  11. kellym

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    I completely agree with all of you. I have felt much better since seeing a nutritionist and doing the liver detox program. My color is back, eyes are clear, some energy is back, and have lost 11 pounds! I'm actually absorbing my food now, too! And my antioxidant level is starting to rise. No doctor has helped near as much as the nutritionist. I encourage those who haven't tried it to do so. You'll be amazed at the results and how much better you will feel!