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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Takesha, Aug 14, 2003.

  1. Takesha

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    I was sitting here tonight reading the posts, thinking about all the blessings of these past few days. You all are part of those blessings and I want to thank you.
    Out of no where I remembered my youngest daughter when she was just a little baby, she might have been about 9 months old or so give or take a month.When I would take her and put her in her crib, kiss her good night and walk away, I could hear her cooing and gooing like the little ones do. Often I would have to go back in and tell her she needed to go to sleep. One day I got half way down the hall and I heard this precious little voice saying " hal lay lu ya" "hal lay lu la" over and over again. I crept back up the hall and peeked around the corner, and there she lay on her back, feet and hands up in the hair, smiling her sweet smile saying Hal lay lu la...... Now I ask you Moms, how to do stop a little precious one like that from Praising God even when they are suppose to be going to sleep? I know I couldn't. I wonder sometimes if our Heavenly Father stands there as amused with me and I was by my daughter, and how many times that I really should have been doing someting else and he didn't "scold" me because I was praising Him? I hope in my heart of hearts that this daughter has brought that kind of joy to the heart of my Father.
    Thank you for letting me share that with you. My daughter's father and I divorced when she was three. He was a British citizen and he threaghtened to take her to England if I fought for custody of her. He had already bought the tickets and showed them to me to prove he was serious. Needless to say, after I signed the papers agreeing for him to have custody, he wouldn't allow me to see her. I have only seen her maybe three times over the course of the last 20 some years. The last time I saw her was 5 years ago and she came out to NM for a week. She was so angry. When she went back to TN. she just disappeared, not even her sisters have been able to track her down. I know she's out there...somewhere...hopefully she is once again praising God...I would covet your prayers for her safety and for the void that is in my heart. Thank you all.
    Keep letting the Son Shine Out.
  2. mamafrey

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    I will pray that the Lord will keep her safe and delivery her back to you someday. I can't imagine how your heart aches. I will keep both of you in my prayers. Have a wonderful weekend. mamafrey
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    You have my undying prayer! The heart of a mother is many things, and the tears of a mother are very special. I think God has his hand on you sweetheart!

    I will pray that God keep that little praise in her heart and behind the song, she will hear your voice! The bible tells us, if we teach our children the way of the Lord and his word, they will not depart from that. Who do you think taught her that little word? I know that as she matures, she will see the light of God in your eyes, and feel the love in your heart for her.

    My heart and prayers are with you!
    Love in Christ,
  4. Takesha

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    There are many kinds of mothers in this world and some of the best mothers I know are "spiritual mothers". And at this place in time, you are a spiritual mom with lots of us kids... I can only guess how hard it is to live with the desire for physical children and be disappointed. May God Grant you the desires of your heart sis....Thank you for your post.
  5. TiffanyL

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    Oh, Takesha, My heart goes out to you and your family.
    I will pray that your daughter will return to you. I will pray that God will be with her, keep her safe, and that He will work on her heart. Stay strong in the Lord.
    Your sister in Christ,
  6. Sunshyne1027

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    I hope your daughter and you find each other again one day.

    I used to be so different before becoming a Christian. My relationship with my Mom wasn't so great. It still needs work actually. But love her none the less. Right now, can't stand to be around her, she criticizes, puts me down, trys to cause me sadness.. thats what I feel about it. I hope your daughter really finds out one day how much you truly love her.

    Your story on her saying halaluia..spelling. So beautiful. You have some precious memories there, hold themm dear to your heart. Remember them when feeling down and blue sweetie.

    Love you! Sunshyne