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  1. erfula1

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    I just wrote this and wanted to share. Writing poetry is my therapy.

    I Suffer In Silence
    Erfula1 3/28/06 9:19pm

    I suffer in silence so that no one knows that I am weak.
    I don’t want anyone to see the dark side of me.
    I suffer in silence so that people think that I am strong.
    I don’t let them know everything that is so wrong.

    I don’t let them see the pain raging in me like a storm.
    I don’t let them know the extent of the harm
    That this condition is doing to my life.
    I don’t let them know the extent of my strife.

    I keep going all though sometimes I want to give in
    And let the pain completely take over within.
    I bottle it all up and keep it deep inside
    And save my tears for late at night before I cry.

    I suffer in silence and hope for a brighter day.
    I suffer in silence and keep looking for a way
    To beat this thing that is controlling every part of me.
    I hope for a cure to set me free.

    Until then I suffer in silence.

  2. victoria

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    very good,

    you should submit this to some of the periodicals dealing with CF/FM, of which I cannot remember the names (brain fog again, sorry)... hopefully someone else can name some names.

    all the best,
  3. RockiAZ

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    Erfula1 - very heartfelt poem. I'm sure people without this DD would feel the pain and sorrow in your words. Keep writing - you're very good! I love to write poetry also and have posted them on this board - also love to write humorous items - my way of coping :)

    Live, Laugh, Love,
  4. erfula1

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    It helps to let it out and this is my way of doing it. I appreciate the compliments.