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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by CelticLadee, Jun 8, 2004.

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    My latest EBV panel shows that there is serologic evidence of past Epstein-Barr viral infection based on the presence of VCA-IgG and/or EBNA. There is no evidence of recent reactivation of EBV based on low or undetectable titers of antibody to Early Antigen. (EA)

    My Cardio CRP , Hi Sensitivity test was only 0.3 mg/L

    Wondering if this means the ImmuneCare64 and all the anti-oxidants I take are working?

    I'm sure feeling better these days anyway.
    I posted a couple of topics on CFID/FM board if you're interested. I have high cholestrol and iron deficient anemia so not all news was good. hehe.

    Also my blood pressure was 170/90 1st read and 158/88 second read. I am to monitor it now 3 times a day to see if I have high BP. My folks both do so I will probably end up with it too. sigh.

    Any comments are appreciated.
    Bless you.
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    Your lab tests sound terrific to me! I would be thrilled with those results. Also, it seems it would be hard to explain the improvement except the ImmuneCare64 and the supplements.

    I wonder if you will feel even better when your anemia is resolved. I struggled with iron deficient anemia for a number of years before getting a hysterectomy. I suppose you are taking iron now...another pill to take!

    What about the cholesterol? Yet another pill? My cholesteral is 325 but my doc won't treat it because my good cholesterol is off the charts good. He says I have the "long life" ratio. He sure has alot of older people as patients so I guess he sees it alot. I can't take statins anyway.

    I am happy for your good news. It seems quite remarkable to me!

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    Thanks. Yeh - It is outrageous to add more pills to my regime. I'm suppose to take iron supplements away from chelated minerals as in my daily vitamin. But I'm suppose to take both at meal time. My daily vitamin adds up to 6 caps two at each meal. So no room for iron at meal time!

    ARRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I need more meals. hehe. Well, my waist line certainly doesn't.

    My new ND is skeptical of TF made from bovine. He told me all the "good research" was done with human blood donors. He is also skeptical that I have CFIDS after looking at my tests. I felt like yelling at him ... there is NO TEST to verify CFIDS. I thought I was going to an enlightened doctor as he does lots of research but it turns out he doesn't know anything I have learned here. I'm very frusterated with him but also grateful he found the iron storage depletion. You take what you can get...huh?

    I will see how it goes over the next couple of months and will seek help elsewhere if need be. What else can I do?

    Are you feeling better Spacee? I remember you had a few bumps in the road awhile back. Its so crazy how this DD changes on us all the time so it is hard to nail it down.

    Be well and it was great to hear from you.

    ANNXYZ New Member

    who use TF & have had some success like Dr Reyser , Dr Sujay ( it helped her & her son & she uses it with patients ) & Dr Joe Brewer ! There are lots of doctors using it . I would personally take names & phone numbers to of these other docs and politely challenge him to investigate for himself . ( humility is good for doctors too!) Get him a copy of Joe Brewer's studies .
    CL , you could consider questran or beta sitosterol for cholesterol , which help us detoxx anyway & also deal with the cholesterol problem . Might be an interesting experiment .

    I am so happy to hear you are better !
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    I understand what you mean about hoping the doc knew something about cfids. Both of mine know nothing. If I ever wanted to try heparin, I would have to find a new doc.
    I mentioned the treatment to one of my docs and he said "you don't want to do that". And he has been so open minded about other stuff I wanted to try. But if/when I try something else, I will go with non RX's.

    But I do have some great news!!! For me living in Florida where the state shoe is a flipflop....the TF is curing my toenail fungus! I really am so thrilled. I have had it for years and have kept it from getting worse by injecting hydrogen peroxide under the nail...but it did turn the nail a dark green. The nail has been dark green where the fungus is for a couple of years. So now I can definitely tell it is growing out.

    I am quite pleased with how I "feel". I feel well. And should I not feel well, then I know I need to exercise....that's a switch isn't it.

    How much I "do" is a different story. The deal is the needing to nap 2 1/2 hours a day. I basically sleep 8 hours, up 7 hours, nap and then awake 6 1/2 hours. So, I am awake 13 1/2 hours and I am looking around wondering what I am doing with it. Guess what I am trying to say is that I feel pretty seditary except for the fact that I am able to go to exercise class 4 times a week and walk for 1 hour 4-5 times a week. Ok, I have to add that I have started going up and down my stairs to the basement 20 times (10 in the morning and 10 after the nap on Fridays). Just started that. Before I would go downstairs about once every 6 months because it was too much to do very often. (Gee I HAVE improved!)

    Well, thanks for asking....hoping with every month we will have improvement!



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    others have posted that oil of oregano applied topically
    cured their nail fungus . I noticed Wal Mart is selling it now, but do not know how great their product is .
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    Yeh, I gave him Dr. Sujay's name in case he wanted to consult her in regards to CFIDS personal & medical knowledge & I did give him a copy of Dr. Brewer's study.

    For lowering my cholestrol he put me on policosanol which is sugar cane wax. Sounds uneffective but seems to be great stuff. See my post on CFIDS/FM board under "Safer cholestrol treatment". I had also given him a copy of Dr. Shoemaker's protocol along with my VCS test results.

    "You can bring a horse to water but you can't make him drink." hehe.

    I'm trying things his way for now for lowering cholestrol but I insisted on continuing with the ImmuneCare 64. He said, "I'm not saying it won't work I'm just saying the research isn't behind it." Dr. Brewer's study didn't impress him.

    Anyway, I am having remarkable improvement in my circulation with the iron supplements and the policosanol. I'm getting my brain back and my body isn't aching as much. Plus I feel a lot of twinges and surges as if my circulation is coming alive. It helped stop a migraine yesterday from becoming a wild cat... just sort of roared and then settled into a mild migraine. It's gone today. My cerebral circulation has improved and think that helps remove toxins as well as gives the tissues more oxygen for healing, functioning, etc. My energy and stamina have improved even more so I am beginning to feel normal now for brief periods. It's difficult for me not to push to hard at times.

    Oil of oregano is great stuff. I take a tablet everyday to keep yeast, fungus, parasites, bacteria, etc. from returning. I bet that oil you use topically would be great for toenail fungus!

    Good to hear from you. I assume you are still doing very well. How fun is that!

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    Yeh, in regards to docs... you only get whatever they will give...."& that is all she wrote." hehe.

    Wow! That is great about your bad toenail growing & I bet you look forward to that growing out. I have a dark vertical stripe on my right big toe. Quite a few years ago it appeared after I kicked a soccer ball and hurt and stung like crazy. Guess I injured it? and am stuck with a freaky looking toenail for life. When I where open toe sandals I always paint it to hide it. hehe.

    I'm looking forward to the day when I can exercise. Once I get my iron levels up so I don't get headaches and dizziness I will begin to walk. I do walk to the paperbox everyday down our long driveway but I mean working up to 30 minutes a day brisk walking.

    I found out stairs wipe me out when we visited our son and his wife in their new home a few months back. First time I have walked stairs! pant. pant. swirling head. Unbelievable how well you are doing on them. Realizing your improvement must really make you feel good. Would me.

    You are more active than I am with your exercise class and walk and I have the the same sleep schedule except I nap 1 hour. (or less if doing quite well) I wonder what I do with my time??? Run a few errands, do a few chores, eat & sleep. What a life!!! I do spend too much time on the p.c. I am sure. When I start my exercise program I won't be online as much. I don't post all that much but I am always searching and reading. I love to learn.

    So glad you are doing so well. It is always a pleasure to share beating down this DD.