My leg- should I see dr????

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    I posted here the other day regarding my fall into
    a hot tub. The water broke most of the fall.

    When I fell into the tub, I fell into the deep hole in
    the middle. I slammed my leg against the
    seats and I screamed out in pain and started to
    cry. It hurt a lot but then it didn't after about five
    minutes so I remained in the hot tub. I was
    too shaken up and didn't want to go home because
    I knew I would go to bed and cry. I was also afraid
    to get out and see how bad I was.

    This happened on Thursday. My leg has never
    been swollen or anything and I can walk on it
    with no problem. However, when I bend it certain
    ways, I just flinch and scream. It happens so suddenly and I don't even know when it is going to happen.
    The pain lasts a few seconds. I also have trouble
    getting up from a seated position if it's too low.
    Last night I tried to put socks on and I couldn't
    get the leg to bend far enough. I finally managed
    it but it wasn't easy.

    My neck and back don't feel too bad, but they seem
    to have been slightly effected. I have back problems
    and a herniated disk, etc. I was most concerned about
    my back to tell you the truth. It is quite fragile. It doesn't
    seem to be too worse for wear except for range of motion is worse.

    I am wondering if I should get my leg checked out.
    Before you think I am stupid for asking please know
    that my neighbor and I made a point to see if
    I could put my weight on it right when it happened
    and see if I could move it. If I had swellling or anything
    suspicious we would have gone to the ER.
    I am just wondering if my leg could have a muscle
    tear? I imagine that would cause excruciating pain
    at all times. My pain comes with certain movements.
    Mostly when I try to bend it down and in toward
    my other leg.

    I am paying special attention to see how my body
    reacts the next few days. With me, I notice things
    later rather than on the day. I think I was worse
    last night than I am today, but I still have to be careful.

    Any advice? I guess I worry that I am immune
    to pain since I live with it all the time. But, like
    I said, it doesn't hurt when I am just lying down.

    My neighbor doesn't seem to believe me when
    I say that I feel pain days later or that I could have
    hurt my back or neck. It's her hot tub and she
    saw me fall in. She says I did not twist. However,
    I have a very fragile neck and back. She said if
    I need treatment she will call her insurance company
    so I don't believe she is trying to minimize anything.
    She is a nice person and it truly concerned. She just
    thinks she knows everything!

  2. Shirl

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    It sounds like a pinched nerve. Now, what they can do for it is another story, I doubt much other than rest and compresses and let it heal itself.

    You are right, when I do hurt myself, its either hurts bad when I do it, then stops hurting and will come back with a vengence a day or two later.

    We have so much pain, that we are probably like Pit Bull's, high tolerance for pain (I have a big old baby pit bull, not an insult, just a comparison to my beloved pet).

    But I would have it check out if its not better by now.

    Shalom, Shirl

  3. Applyn59

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    I do not think it is a pinched nerve.
    I have had severe sciatica in the past and the pain
    is nothing like that.

    I may get it checked out. How I will be able
    to wash my hair and get ready to go is another

    Thanks for your input.
  4. Susan07

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    See the doc. Don't know how it works now but the reason insurance companies use to give you 3 days to see a doc after an auto accident is because it can take a few days for the body to react to trauma.
  5. Applyn59

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    thanks for the info
  6. Jen F

    Jen F New Member've got so much to cope with...

    I hope you manage the herculian effort needed to get your hair washed, legs shaved, and get driven to your appointment.

    I know how hard it can be for me sometimes, and you are worse off physically so I know it will be challenging for you!

    Can your friend wash your hair for you [while you sit in a bath]? If you are a little shy, you can cover your chest with a facecloth [in my case] or a handtowel, while it is wet it will just stick to your body, you won't have to work hard to hold it up. I have done this once or twice when my arms were especially weak.

    If your hair is only a little greasy, try some powder on your scalp, and brush through hair so not visible.

    Hope you work something out.

    sounds like you should get leg and neck and jaw checked out just to be on the safe side, and in case you notice a significant problem in the future.

  7. Dara

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    to see the doctor & let him know what happened. That way they can check you out to make sure everything's OK. I know that I also have delayed reaction to pain. I slammed my hand in the cardoor, hurt like you know what, but by the next day it wasn't hurting at all. Well, about three or four days later it swelled and I couldn't even move it. My doctor said that sometimes it takes that long for the tendons, etc., to swell and start causing pain.