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  1. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Hi ALL,

    Havent been here for awhile,I have not felt the greatest.And have also been in helping my daughter because she has had a LOT of health problems.

    I was wondering how many of you are having the same problem.
    If I overdo things,and that doesnt take much,than I can just hobble around.I have a cane but my arms are so weak that its hard to use it.My arms lose strength easily.

    I have been getting large red marks on my legs.They are usually about 3"long and 2to 3"wide.It looks like a burn,but it doesnt hurt.Had 6 of them.

    This time I got them after or while I was at my daughters,cant say for sure because I did not notice them till I got home.

    This time they were on the top of my legs.But I had my grandbaby on my lap a lot,and thought it might be from that.Pressure maybe?

    The other time I had them I dont remember what I was doing to cause it.They were on the calf of my leg that time.

    Really weird but thats me!:>)

    Is anyone else having so much problem with their legs?

    Take gentle care of yourselves!
  2. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    And see a neurologist for the problem.I have a EMG this Wed. and after that an MRI>

    Reason I fell and broke myanckle cause my legs go knub all the time.She is going to run the test to see if my pinched nervers have gotton worst.I know I have I an sitting here in lots of pain I want it to all go away.

    Wanted you to know your not alone.....
  3. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Bumping my post of for help!!!
  4. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Yes, weakness is my biggest problem. Legs are obviously needed to get around and that is what disables me the most. Arms, neck, back shoulders, EVERYTHING is weak but with the legs, walking/standing to do ANYTHING is tough. Have had neurological workups, 4 or 5 times over past 20 years. Not a lot shows up.

    I have no reflexes in knees or ankles. Everybody says, huh. I can use supplements to eliminate/reduce most any symptom, but can't beat the weakness.
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  5. MsE

    MsE New Member

    The mornings are the worst, but weakness is a constant problem. I hear people say, "Use it or you'll lose it" and I just want to whop 'em, preferably with a big, black, heavy purse! I am so jealous of other women my age who are out dancing and skating and running up mountain trails and playing football with their grandkids. Pee green jealous! I am so dratted tired of this stuff.
  6. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Yes!!! You know what I mean!!

    Elliespad - Suppliments do NOT help with it!I have tried.
    Getting out of bed in the morning,I walk like a duck!!!
    And I hold onto the side of the walls to support me.

    MsE- I also get pea green jealous when I see people my age,even older doing what I should be able to do.My sister is 10 yrs older than me,and it gets to me,that she can do triple more than I can!!!

    Suzetal- Yes the pain is hard to live with.Thank God for pain medications!! Hope you make out allright with your ankle!!

    Thanks All of you for posting.It helps!!

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  7. malinta

    malinta New Member

    I have similar problems with my legs. Have seen the Neuro twice for this and MRI's were both okay. Usually the weakness I have in my legs is accompanied by pain, and stiffness.

    There has been several times when I have fallen because my legs just dont seem to cooperate.

    Good luck you are certainly not alone.
  8. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    with the red marks etc is a major red flag for a lyme coinfection. Please get an Igenex Western Blot taken ASAP so you can properly address this problem. You can go to their web site and order the Igg and Igm. test.
  9. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Jordane,
    What a tough thing to go through! I feel for you.
    My legs and arms and hands are all very weak. I always thought that I was that way because of Diabetes and Fibro. My mom had the same problem, and she had both, also.

    I can walk to my mailbox, if I'm lucky, which is about 60 fgeet from my house. I can't shop in grocery stores or department stores without a scooter, with very rare exceptions. Right now, Chinese herbs are helping me with stamina.

    About the red spots. they could be little hemorrages. Are you taking anything to thin your blood? This could include supplements, as many things that will actually thin the blood are not described as blood thinners. For instance, Vitamin C, green tea,ginger, and that supplement that is for arthritis, I can't remember the name, right now, but it is in a lot of things.

    Good luck in getting this diagnosed.

  10. clw

    clw New Member

    I recently have started all over ( stopping all meds) and my leg pain and weakness was more pronounced than I remember four years ago when dx with FM.

    Have been thinking that although LYRIA helped with both pain and weakness- that the continued wobbling, and now the bottom of my feet hurt. Nerve test check out no physiological problem.

    Are you on this med or neuronten?
  11. FMsolider

    FMsolider New Member

    I do get leg weakness and leg failure as well. I also get the red marks you described from time to time. I have been tested for everything a million times....doc/s say that when the muscle is incredibly exhausted the skin can get red in that area - due to the inflamation of the muscle tissue. Back when I was a boxer - after severe workout I would have decent size red blotches on my thighs or arms - from a tough workout not punch contact. So maybe it is just that ....certainly hope it is not lyme in your case.
  12. Grace4today

    Grace4today New Member

    I too get the weakness...I think it is a pretty common thing. I had to use a walker for years, but that passed as my health improved. I am seeing signs of it returning again...much to my dismay. I am actually just realizing how many things, like walking holding the wall and the weakness and such, that I have (in recent years) been just accepting as a normal part of denial about being "sick".
    I used to get "hot spots" which were very red large spots, mostly on my legs and chest. Not sore or itchy - just red and hot. I can't remember the cause...I had actually forgotten about them until I read your post.
    Take care,
  13. twitcher

    twitcher New Member

    I have the leg weakness too, as well as my arms,neck and shoulders. It's one of my biggest issues. You can't do much without your legs!! I don't know anything that helps.
  14. Deanna51

    Deanna51 New Member

    Jordane, I have fibro and my legs have gotten bad in the
    past 5 month, they just go numb and won't work for awhile.
    I have not had red marks on them, but on occasion(everyone
    may really think I am crazy), but my body feels warm, but
    no temperature, then other times I am freezing. I too
    use a cane most of the time. I have ostesposis also and
    don't need too fall. I know what you mean about overdoing
    it, I did yesterday and I am in so much pain today.
    God Bless! Deanna51
  15. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    The support and help here on this site is wonderfull,I appreciate it!!:>)

    Malinta- I know what you mean by your legs giving out!!
    I have fell down a few times because my legs just wouldnt hold me up,and their is not always a soft spot!
    So sorry you are going thru this also!!

    Jarjar- Thanks for the warning on Lyme disease.But that was one of the 1st tests done,and I was clear.
    These red spots,are more like a bruise but they are some bright red and others a lighter red.They are 3" long and 2 to 2 and a half in. wide.
    Just another ailment of this DD.more than likely.:>)

    Ad123- So sorry you go thru this.And glad that you have a scooter to use,in the stores etc.
    Did not know that G.Tea,could thin the blood.I have drank it for 6m. now.But this is only the 2nd time for these red spots.First time was one,on the calf of my leg.
    Will keep an eye on if the tea may be it.Thanks for letting me know.:>)

    Clw- Wow,stopping ALL the meds,You are brave.That must have been hard on you!
    Yes,I have the wobbling and the bottom of my feet hurt to walk on sometimes.
    No, I have not taken Lyria.I take Codeine Contin 200mg,and another pain med,300mg.And take Amitriptyline 50mg,to boost the pain meds.

    FMsoldier- You were a boxer,WOW!!:>)
    My spots look like red bruises.And I have been tested for Lyme D.,dont have it.

    Grace4today- I am so sorry that the weakness is coming back.:>(
    My spots are'nt itchy,sore,never checked for the hot part.Will next time.

    Thanks All of.You gave a LOT of good suggestions.I REALLY DO appreciate it.

    Take care,:>)
  16. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    I wouldn't consider myself clear of Lyme unless you have had a Igenex Western Blot. It is well known that 50 percent of lyme is missed by standard lyme test.
    Igenex is the most sophisticated and most others are considered a joke by most lyme docs.

    Also I if you ever have an Igenex western blot I would like to see the results posted on the lyme board here. As many regular docs do not know how to read the results.

    Best of luck

  17. Jackie41

    Jackie41 Member

    I have had the leg weakness since I first got fibro 5 years ago. The thing that's helped me the most was to get a pair of forearm crutches. They are light and very steady. They make it much easier to walk. When I first got the canes, I only used them occasionally due to embarrassment, but I gradually got over that and now use them all the time.. I find that I can walk much farther now without worrying about my legs giving out. Some of my friends think I use these sticks too much and should only use them when my legs start to get tired, but I've gotten into the habit of always using the crutches and I would rather be safe than sorry. You can see what these crutches look like on my photo.

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