My Legs Are Going. Ideas?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by joeb7th, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. joeb7th

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    Going on my second year...this is some of the main things I am going through.

    Maybe someone can share their thoughts on what all this is.

    I STILL am getting nothing from docs when I tell them my symptoms and my tests come back negative.

    To beaten down and exhausted to say anything to them anymore about this discouraging contradiction.

    My legs...thighs in particluar front and back are getting so weak I have a hard time walking. My knees and anles are very sore, throb often and all muscles in limbs are sore due to diagnosed tendonitis. Never had this before 1 year ago after fainting in the middle of a flu, hitting my head full weight on a hard wooden floor, smashing my nose and breaking my septum, knocking my self out and being given a 7 day course of Levaquin.

    Anyway, I can barely function now. I used to be able to run errands and walk maybe 1/4 to 1/2 mile a day. Now, none of that. As I stand in line anywhere I feel I am so off balance and so weak in my legs and shakey and light headed to the point of feeling I can just keel over and go out.

    I feel this way the rest of the day too. All I can do is go home and lay down...but I still feel this weakness and unstableness.

    I constantly have a hugely strong and noticeable pulsating feeling in through left neck to head on left side. And at least half the time I am extremely sore in my neck right near and below the back jaw on both sides. I can actually press my fingers on the sore points. Doctors look back there. One has told me twice she sees inflammation and redness. My pcp said he didn't see anything. It feels sore and like you are being slightly choked. But it's not on the inside of the throat.

    My whole body feels so tired and weird. Bladder weak and funny feelings in penis.
    Shake over anything. My nerves and feelings are "absolutely" 3 times more sensitive than before. If I get into even a serious discussion I shake. Whayttever I feel I feel 3 times stronger than before. IBS, nerves etc.

    But I am sooo weak. And my legs are soo weak now.
    They also hurt in that thigh area as well as knees and ankles.

    At night, too much insominia and feet feel swollen and sore yet, they aren't swollen.

    Any comments regading all of this appreciated.

    Seeing a neurologist Monday afternoon. JB
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    I had weak feelings too, dizziness, insomnia, sore muscles, pinched nerves in several area.

    After years of complaining to my MD, I switched over to a D.O. and we found viruses that cause CFS. Epstein-Barr virus and Cytomegalo virus.

    When I had a pinched sciatic nerve, a chiropractor gave my hip a twist and WOW that cleared up and weird that you mention it, my penis felt a lot better too.

    CFS keeps us from exercising like we should, so vertebrae and joints go out of whack. Stretching keeps everything lined up. They also found that I have one leg shorter than the other. Now I wear a heel lift (3/8") that helps a lot. I had a pinched nerve in my neck too, and the lift lined up my whole backbone!

    If you know what viruses you have, you can use targeted Transfer Factors. Mercury toxicity can also have bad nerve and immune system depression.

    Also, to beat viruses and inflammation, consider Dr. William Wong's approach:
  3. spacee

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    Please read xchocoholics profile. You might find something that will help you. She has posted her journey there.

    Also, her new thread about gluten and neuro problems.

    Sorry you are having all the problems!!!

  4. joyfully

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    I looked at your bio and it didn't tell where you live. My suggestion is to go to a good teaching hospital at a large University.

    Mayo's, Cleveland Clinic, Lyola are also excellent places. You need to go where the medical personnel see the "unusual" on a weekly basis. At a teaching medical school, you will have the advantage of having all the various disciplines (specialities) all at one location. These doctors usually have consultations with each other.
    I believe this makes a huge difference is getting to the bottom of an unexplained illness.

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