My legs feel like they weigh 100 pounds each

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by petesdragon, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. petesdragon

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    The last three weeks my legs have felt like they weigh 100 pounds each and they hurt. They have muscle knots in them too. There is no good massage therapy in our area. Aspercreme helped for an hour or so. Would it help to put on support hose? Any suggestions for other treatments would be helpful too.
  2. musikmaker

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    I get this also and at times just can't hardly walk. Heat is my friend when this happens. Hot tubs to soak in. Heating pad wrapped around each leg. I also have a vibrator that I use on pain points. Hurts like heck when you are using it but it does help the nerve endings calm down.

    The drug that has helped my pain the most is cymbalta. I don't flare as bad as I did before I started it. One more thing.......wear longjohns no drafts on the skin help also. Take care
  3. Empower

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    That was my first symptom of FMS
  4. saphire27

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    my first symptom also! it was so hard to walk, even sitting still, they get H E A V Y. Oh i feel for you, i hate that. When i would try to drink a glass if wine it would double the heavyness too, so i rarely drink at all now, who wants that feeling to double?.

    Hot baths, is great, but you can't stay in a hot bath all day can you?? neither can i. i wish there was an invention, hey i have an idea to be on American Inventers LOL. The idea is to create, pajama pants that heat up & vibrate,pulse, etc. wow. i'll never get around to do that though. justa dream.

    you take care

    i'm going to post something, cuase your topic, gave me these ideas , i bet their alot of other people on here that have this problem.
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    Brought me to these boards first time-I felt like I was set in concrete and some.

    It will ease, use heat and I use Tiger Balm.

    Hot soaks help.

    Love Anne C