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    My legs just won't support me for a very long period of time. If I try to shop, I can only go so long and they hurt so much. Then, I must go home and rest myself and my legs. My boyfriend told me to use an Amigo when I don't have a lot of shopping to do but I always feel so guilty using them when someone else might need one worse than I do and then there aren't any left for them. Of course, I feel the same way about my handicap parking. I know I shouldn't feel this way but so many times I have seen people who are visibly worse off than I am. I guess that is the key to my guilt, the visibly thing. Who knows, maybe I am in just as much or more pain as someone who doesn't have a leg or whatever their condition may be.
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    I know how you feel. Just the thought of going to SuperWal-Mart makes me hurt already! I have asked my Dr. for a handicapped tag and he won't give me one yet-----says he wants to see me "worse off"! Here's what I do: I go in my "best" part of the day; sometimes I use the wheelchair carts; If I feel not that horrible, I hang on the cart a lot; sometimes I go to a much smaller store altogether. And then, of course, sometimes I don't make it through an entire store--------but that's OK. I can go home and rest and there is another day. Hope this helps. Btw-----it is hard for me to get a friend to help out---most work and when I am really bad off------I send the husband!
    Hope this helps--------Michaele
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    Just the last couple of days I told my husband that my legs were just aching really bad, for seemingly no reason. I love the Wal Mart Super Center, but am getting to the point that I cannot go alone. My husband is great about going with me, but like you, I feel guilty for him to always have to do it because he works so hard in his job. I don't have a handicapp sticker but sometimes feel that that too, is close to happening.
    The visibility issue is a big one, isn't it? People equate handicapped with what they can see only. Do what you need to do for you, though. People will never understand least not all people. Hopefully, the ones who really count like family & close friends will be there for us.
    Don't have any advice about the legs issue at this point. It does relieve my pains quite a bit to get in a warm Epsom Salts bath.
    God bless,
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    I can't walk long either. My legs feel like big logs, and they hurt so much. I do find that using Salonpas helps(they're these pain relief patches containing stuff similar to ben gay that you just stick onto the part that hurts). I put those on before I go out, and the warm sensation feels good. I frequently want to use one of those motorized carts, but like you, i fear that someone who totally can't walk will need one. I only go out for short trips, and I make sure to bring someone with me, in case I need help. What a life, huh? :p
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    I just think that if using a wheel chair or motorized one, or having a handicapped tag will enable you to accomplish what you need to do, then by all means use these without guilt. There are many reasons that other people must utilize these aids, and so many of them are not visible to the eye. Don't feel guilty, appreciate that there are aids and supports available for you to use. Best wishes!
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    Thank you for the encouraging words
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    you are struggling so much. Getting out, even to the shops, is so necessary to keep one's spirits up (at least it is for me), and when that gets difficult it is just so hard.

    Knowing we're were going on a daytrip to Paris just a couple of weeks ago (by plane), I bought a small 'tripod' stool. IT got a LOT of use, by me (age 42), and a little use by my MIL (age nearly 70) who has arthritis in her hip. Boy, did it make me feel OLD:) And I've still had a bad flare since. But I wouldn't have managed at all without that stool (and it only cost me £5 UK)!

    Any chance of you getting anything similar? Stick-stools are also available over here, but they are PRICY.

    ANd do use yr Handicap Parking - if the regualtions in the US are any thing like they are here you must have gone thru hoops to get it. ANd remember a lot of people who use them have 'invisible' complaints like v bad chest problems or heart complaints. Here I don't take any notice of who parks in a handicap spot PROVIDING they display their permit. What REALLY infuriates me are those folks who park there without a permit and who really are as fit as a fiddle - and infortunately there are FAR too many of those:(

    ALl the best

    IMSOLONELY New Member legs are the same way ! That's why I initally got my computer so's I could sit down more often.I also know what you mean about using the handicaps special privledges as far as to parking and all.I feel guilty as hell, but we shouldn't though. You know, one day I was having a tremendous amount of pain in my legs while I had an appointment at the VA hospital... bad place to get on your pitty pot saw a man that had no legs ! right then, I thanked the Lord for showing me that when I "think" I have it so bad, it's really not that terrible at all.
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    Have any of you been tested for neuropathy? I was tested and I have it in my feet and ankles and its moved up to my legs now. I have small nerve neuropathy which is very painful especially in the feet cause I cant walk far for my ankles and legs hurt so bad. I take neurotin and it does help with the pain but I still cant walk far without stopping or setting down. I have found out that alot of people with FM do get neuropathy.
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    My legs feel like they weigh 500 pounds apiece. I hate the trip to WalMart as well, I use the shopping cart for balance and I literally just shuffle along. Thank God it's all one floor.