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  1. detsgirl

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    Finally, I have been told I have Fibromyalgia. Its a relief to know its not all in my head. Now I can work on getting better.
    But so many parts of my life is still a mess. I'm on the edge of bankruptcy, my weight is high, my relationships are bad. UGH. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to complain, I just want to know if anyone else has been through this. How did you handle it? Sometimes I am so tired that I just can't even deal with it all anymore.
    I don't talk to anybody about my health because I get the same old "why don't you just get on with your life...."
    How do all of you handle the nasty parts of life feeling so tired all the time?
  2. detsgirl

    detsgirl New Member

    Dear Laura and Carla,

    Thanks so much for responding. I was just having a talk with my two daughters about saving money. I told them we have to cut back on cable bills, and lunches etc....They seem pretty ok with it.
    I'm looking for job closer to home to help with the gas expense. Wow, that is like burning money there!!!

    I don't know where to start on my health though. Tuesday I go back to the doctor, she said she is going to start me on Cymbalta and something else. not sure of the name.
    I just hope it doesn't make me more tired. Sometimes I am at work and my eyes will be closing I will be so tired. Oh how I hate that feeling. I'm reading a lot about FM, and what is on the message boards here. So, well, I guess I am off to a start, HUH??? lol.

    Thanks guys!! Teresa

  3. mrdad

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    It sounds as if you have made a good start with looking
    at what things you can do in the way of cutbacks. Good
    that your girls are made to understand the urgent need to
    help and make necessary sacrifices. I know it is most
    difficult to try an work when you have this illness. Have
    you thought about the poss. of applying for some form of
    help? Please consider it and keep us posted on how you're
    doing, OK??

  4. detsgirl

    detsgirl New Member

    Hi There.
    What do you mean by applying for some sort of help? You mean like Public aid?

    I do make a good living, so its really not an option. But maybe you mean something different. Right now, I'm tired so I'm a little foggy! :)
  5. romanshopper

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    Yes, I'm in a bad situation. I went from making a good bit of money to not being able to work.

    My husband - I dunno - sometimes I think he only married me for the income I had.

    It has been bad at him at work lately and he comes home and takes it out on me. I can't stand it - every day some complaint something I didn't do right.

    Tonight it blew up bad over the mailman not delivering something and he wanted a phone number and I didn't check my email - gosh I dunno, but he called me a freak, said I was lazy, kept just calling me lazy, no good, telling me to get out, but I don't have any place to go...I don't have any money - I've went through my savings and my investments I cashed out 4 months ago. I try to sell some on ebay but that has been hard and I only make enough really to keep the cable and phone on. I don't spend ANY money on myself. EVER.

    I was crying and he got a video camera and was saying his lawyer needed to see this shit. Oh god he hurt me so bad and I don't know what happened. He came home and I was washing dishes and now I just want to die. Then he said you are probably pilled up. I hurt so bad but I don't take any narcotics because he doesn't like them and already thinks I am a pill head. I just take neurontina nd some tramadol sometime when I can't stand it. He's usually ok but I guess he really feels this way about me. I can't quit crying.

    Why does my life have to be like this? If I could just work or if I just knew anyone that gave half a damn about me.
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  6. mrdad

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    What I was suggesting is that if you are thinking "bank-
    rupcy", you must be going through sone tough financial
    times! There are Professinal people that can help you
    evaluate your situation and make sugg. on how to handle
    the problem. If you are making a"good Living" then maybe
    just a little organization and professional direction
    would prove helpful.

    Best wishes and keep in touch!
  7. mrdad

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    Feel so bad for you tonite! I see from your Bio. that
    you have been very successful in the workworld prior to
    your illness. You should be very proud of those accomplish
    ments and look within for the same strengths of character
    that brought you to those heights! Be comfortable with
    who you are and concentrate on your health issues and
    needs. Keep in touch with us on the Board as you know
    we want to extend the support we can!!


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  8. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    have been. I know this sounds crazy, but I got a dog. He doesn't help with the money but he gives me a reason to get out of bed and helps me lose a little weight.

    If there is a support group near you, you might want to try that. There would be a lot of people who understand and maybe you could make some more understanding friends.

    Of course, keep talking to us. There are some really knowledgeable people on this board. I'm sure others have better ideas.

    Have you applied for disability? Are you still able to work?
  9. detsgirl

    detsgirl New Member

    Yes, I'm still able to work. I have my bad days, as you all probably know. Sometimes just so tired.
    I have a job interview tomorrow morning. Same type of business (cellular) just a different company. I hear they pay better............:) So that will help. Last night, my husband and I spent a lot of time going through bills, calling places to adjust our services, figuring what it is we can live without. I really don't want to file bankruptcy. I'm going to wait at least two more months.

    I'm looking forward to meeting with my Doc again. I really hope that this medication will help me.