My lightbulb moment after the changes I've made worked

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    So I've posted my long list of things I learned about on this board that have helped me to become an upright member of society again.

    While urging my daughter to try a multi vitamin (yes, the Fibro Complete w/Malic Acid) I had a "lightbulb" moment. And no, she won't take's her one step at rebellion although she could really use the help. (At least we have her medicated)

    What if we're all feeling so badly and ill because NONE of us are getting enough nutrients from our food sources????

    What if this awful trend of so many new illnesses is all a result of depleted soils, as they warned about so many decades ago in Congress??? No matter what we eat, we can't get enough nutrition in our bodies for them to function properly.

    This could also explain why so many of us began this long road with either a virus we couldn't fight off or a catastophic accident or injury to our bodies (ie surgery too)

    Americans are more sick than many nations and what could be the cause? Hair dyes cause cancer. Pesticides will make us sick...duh!!! Non-stick pans kill pet birds!!! I just replaced my non-stick cookware too and love it.

    I live in a country (Germany) that probably wouldn't dream of using pesticides and it's probably illegal. Other countries don't live on processed foods, or plastics, or chemicals.

    There is NO smog when you look at the horizon, no black heavy cloud hanging over the earth where we grow our foods!! Yikes, think of the poor soil.

    Our poor 230 years we've depleted it and ruined the environment above it so that it's choking too.

    That's when the lightbulb went off. We need more nutrients in our bodies. That's probably why the new multi vitamin worked so well for both hubby and me in just a few days.

    What if our bodies have been trying desperately for years to run on poor nutrition and now the damage has changed how our bodies work?

    This is my newly formed theory... I never would have considered it without living here in Germany where things are done differently. Fresh, natural, non processed.

    I wouldn't have been able to consider it without all the things I learned about here on this site.

    This is probably why people like Stormy have had so many good results with natural remedies, foods and supplements.
    Why I'm upright and living again, although I could use a bit more sleep.

    I don't think there is a quick cure to this. I think it's going to be a series of small steps and changes geared individually for each of us and our bodies.

    I don't think we can get well without making some basic changes in our diets and habits.

    Any thoughts on my theory?


    Nancy B.
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    hugs4evry1 New Member

    And mostly because of how completely ill I've been.

    I truly think this is the answer for us. We've been starving our bodies for so long they no longer even KNOW how to work properly.

    Spaghettios are NOT a meal!! (Just an example) Soup shouldn't come from a can.

    It still bothers me that if you go to a doctor complaining of pain (muscle) and trouble sleeping, they'll give you a prescription for muscle relaxers and sleep aids (like Ambien that have people doing nutty things while sleeping) but they'd NEVER think of recommending magnesium to help the body run properly!!

    What in the world happened to American medicine that made them think that writing a prescription is the answer for everything??

    Prior to 1960, Americans were pretty healthy and very, very few were overweight. Think about what's changed since then and the answers begin to stand out.



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    That is definitely part of the answer I'm sure. They have done studies on foods compared to studies done in the 1930s, and have found vegetables today do not have the same amounts of vitamins in them as in the 1930s.

    Add to that the fact we have over 100 chemicals in our bodies from plastics etc that were not in people 100 years ago - xenoestrogens, etc. - all of this is impacting people's health as well. It is well known that sperm counts are down in men because of this, and many other problems. Endometriosis is related to dioxin, byproduct of bleaching pulp.

    It really is hard to know what to choose to eat if you are dependent on buying at a supermarket. I think there are small farms in areas here where you can buy into them yearly and receive in return a part of their crops, sort of a collective, and this way small farmers can survive.

    I am thinking this might be a good thing to look into. . . I know the woman who owned our land before us had MS - she and her family did all organic vegetable farming and milked their own cow and pasteurized it; when I met her she no longer had any signs of MS. ( I just suck at gardening, unfortunately.)

    good post, Nancy!


  4. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Wendy and Victoria, this is also what I was trying to say...I just keep getting interupted this morning. (daughter)

    I know I have it good here in Germany, I eat out as often as I can (lately) because I know the ingredients are all fresh and good for me. Fresh tastes amazing!!

    Before we had canned vegetables, ladies grew their own fruits and veggies and then canned to get through the winter months. Peas are supposed to come out of a pod, not an aluminum can.

    All the little pieces are finally coming together. I don't expect my body to ever be as healthy as I was when I was a child. I just want to give it a chance to balance itself. I've been damaging it for 30 (out of 44 years) with things we never knew to be bad for us.

    I just read in one of my e-mails today that now they've decided to share the secret that flouride is horrible for us too (poison) and has a cause/effect with thyroid illness too.

    I know we've talked about it before but I remember being on flouride PILLS as a child because our water didn't have it added yet.

    It's a wonder any of us are still standing today!

    Now that we're learning, we need to do better for ourselves, our health and our futures.

    Hugs all,

    Nancy B.
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  5. Lunasmom

    Lunasmom New Member


    I'm new to this chat room, to all chat rooms actually. I just read about your new vitamin. Can you tell me what it is exactly? I know I need one but am not sure which ones to try.


    Liz M.
  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I know many doctors like Atkins etc suggest eating organic meats and vegetables if affordable! I'm betting the doctors tell the rich the same thing!

    Here's a book that may be of interest to some:


    Paul Bergner is the clinic director at the Rocky Mountain Center for Botanical Studies in Colorado. as such, he is in an excellent position to study both the soil and its nutrients - or lack of them.

    And it is the lack of them which forms the kernel of this book as it surveys the nutritional, and especially the mineral, decline of soil worldwide under intensive agriculture.

    Starting with the landmark work of Weston Price (who, in the 1930s, studied the physical and mental health of primitive peoples before and after they came into contact with western civilisations) Paul Berner charts the decline in vitamin, mineral and especially trace mineral values of foods over the last 30 years.

    The data he quotes (prodigious quantities of it) demonstrate only too clearly that intensive farming has robbed fresh foods of between 15 and 50% of their trace minerals.

    The rest of the book examines each mineral in turn, assessing its function and the results, in terms of both acute and chronic illness, of deficiencies. A fascinating read.

    Published by Prima Health ISBN 0-7615-1021-4
    Recommended Retail Price: US$ 15

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    I am just curious. Do you have any idea how prevalent FMS and CFIDS are in Germany? Is it even a problem there? Do you have difficulty getting medical treatment?



    P.S. I love your pic. You and your doggy look so sweet.
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    For contributing to this thread...I've had a bit of a rough time the past few days and I'm beginning to become sleep deprived so I may not be explaining things as well as I want to.

    With the help of all of you, I think my point is getting across much better than I could do myself right now.

    Lunasmom....I'm taking the Pro Health Fibro Complete Multi w/Malic Acid that they sell here on this web site. This is the best supplement I've bought in ages. Even though I've taken a store brand multi for years, this one has given me the most benefits and so quickly too.

    At first it looked expensive and out of my price range. Then I decided I'm worth it, and now I've been able to toss so many individual supplements that make this vitamin no more costly than any other. But a wonderful boost for my body.

    Victoria, thanks for the book suggestion. Sounds like it's filled with a lot of good information for us. Do you realize how much I count on your research to help me along? Not only on this subject, but also the Lyme too. And your jokes keep me laughing! What an asset you are to this board...

    Lolalee, I sincerely doubt that Germany has much FM at all although my massage therapist does work with some sufferers. I know the doctors here still think it's all in our heads and they really don't have any experience treating it.

    Good question though...and I wonder if there's a way to find out if the ones here who suffer from it ever spent time in other countries as many do. Our own Giggi (sp?) is German and contributes here.

    I've mentioned this on other threads in the past but it bears repeating. German food products don't contain any preservatives. They buy their bread fresh for the day at the bakeries. Their beer that's freshly made at restaurants only good for 3 days if you buy a quantity of it.

    I've driven completely up and down Germany and there is no smog hanging over their big cities. None...Land is zoned forever forest, farming and very little is for homes and city buildings. (Sorry, very tired and not explaining this right)

    And Marcia, yes I do wonder what these people eat and feed their families.

    Sorry if I've forgotten anyone....I'm just too tired right now to finish this and it's the first thread I've replied to today.

    Hugs all,

    Nancy B.
  9. hugs4evry1

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