My Lime Titer came back Inconclusive

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kellbear, Mar 27, 2003.

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    What the heck does that mean? I also found out that I have had Epstein Barr at some time. I was just tested for it last summer when I was really feeling bad and it came back negative. Now it comes back positive but not active. Strange
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    Hey Kellbear, I worked with a Dr. who has lyme and dedicates here life, what she can, to lyme research. Tests in most labs go by cdc definition. They are not up to date on advanced lyme if you have had it for awhile. Good chance if you have ebv and some signs on lab results you probably have it if you have the symptoms. There is a lyme network punch on top lyme and someone called ticktalk discribbes. There are only a few labs in U.S. that does accurate testing cost about $800. I have not gone there but told even though my tests are positive and neg. That I do have advanced lyme. The bacteria hides deep in tissue and cytokins secrete from infect causes more prob. There is info on lyme net. Also there has been a huge cover up this is the fastest growing disease next to aids, Yet to get help is very difficult and long term antibiotic treatment has been very controvercial. It is a big decission so alot depends on insurance and finding a doc knowledged in this very tragic problem... Good Luck, Hope this helps some I tryed to put in laymens terms. There are also 3 diff. bacteriun which can be involved. Hugsssss (Sorry I am a mess)
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    There are several tests that can be run for lyme but some are more accurate than others. If I remember correctly, the gunderson lyme is better than the Elisa and/or the western blot.