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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Didoe, May 2, 2009.

  1. Didoe

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    I'm about to bust, so here's the list, make your own or add whatever

    Work overload
    Supervisor who knows well its FMLA schedule, could care less "you coming in Monday?, after doctors appt?, after hosptial appt? after your arse is scratched? (this is because when she's had to do any of our jobs, she cant)
    Smelly gutters
    Stinking garbage
    Stupid tourists who block curbs or subway entrances as you race to cross or catch a train
    People who smoke and dont know (or care?) they smell like ashtrays
    Neighbors who charcoal grill and could care less where their stinking smokes blows
    Neighbors who only wake up after 5pm to start making noise
    Colleagues who stand in common area and tee hee on Monday, because its weekend review time and friday because its end of week time and any other time because its work time.
    Meds that dont work
    Pain that doesnt let up so sleep is a mess
    lack of appetite

    I went for infusion therapy Thursday and as it was very early morning, I brought a large coffee. After nurse put in IV line, my freakin arm jerks, as it has been doing and there goes a large hot coffee all over the nice clean floor, under the chair, first thing, start of the day.
    The big stupid idiot starts crying and when a nurse offered me her coffee, the crying got worse and I said, No, it'll be a good lesson for me to be more Whose voice was that? Seeing nurses bent over trying to mop up the mess with paper napkins got me weepy again...I'm thinking--educated, busy professionals wasting their time cleaning an idiots mess.

    Some time ago, there was at least some area of recuperation or rest, some refuge from the daily cwap when closing the front door meant a day or so of quiet, sleep, puttering, cleaning, reading,, eating, reading, everything that takes effort is too much to handle; all my strength and focus goes for work, getting there, getting thru it, getting home from it, a nd making sure the cats have what they need.

    I cannot do this another 10 yrs, I just keep asking G=d to keep me out of the ER or hospital because there's no one to take care of two cats...

  2. Pippi1313

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    Sometimes the list of things that are piling upon us, just grows & grows & grows...

    People who don't understand ask "why do you let that little thing bother you so much?". They don't realize it's not a single, little thing. It's another thing on the pile that's getting heavier & heavier.

    The weight can break us down. That's when we start doing things like apologizing for being sick... Feeling unworthy... Trying so hard to not give in to the rage... Or start crying & being afraid we might never be able to stop...

    We have to deal with the regular pile-o-junk everybody else does. But being sick, we have even MORE stuff piling up on us.

    They can take a break. They can have a time-out.
    Pain doesn't give us that luxury.
    No break from it. No time-out.

    I don't know how to change it. But I do get it.

    HUGZ 2 U!!!!!
  3. springwater

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    i hear you..

    worried you started crying because of the coffee spill, because i know the feeling when it all seems so much.. a small thing sets you off .Ive been thru that...and go thru that if i really let myself think about things which are bothering me.....

    can you cut down on coffee? fine one i am saying that because I guzzle tea whenever i feel like i need a shot in the arm. but the caffeine might be contributing to those over wrought nerves....

    my heart aches to think you put your two cats before you and worry about them even when youre so exhausted. Its rare to find that these days. People just abandoning perfectly lovely pets because of the recession.

    top of my list right now would be the dull ache in the legs...and lack of energy

    the household chores which pile up because Im not upto all of it

    worrying about kids...instead of believing they will turn out all right and have good happy lives

    yearning and yearning for a quiet life in a pretty isolated countryside cottage where summers stay below 25 degrees celcius

    because its hot, the dogs are requiring more care....theyre getting itches, and fleas and theyre shedding and making the house really messy

    mosquitoes, cockroaches, I saw one or two, they stayed away all winter

    God Bless