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    Hi All,

    Thought I would post after my appointment yesterday. He said I am ready to begin the full Lyme treatment....What? I thought I had begun it. Just the first stage he said.

    So I am to start Biaxin, 500 mg once a day for two weeks, then up to twice a day in two weeks, this is in addition to the 1000 mg of Ceftin I am taking. Yikes!!!!

    I talked to him about my herxing and what a hard time I am having with pain and fatigue. He said that I am actually have a good response so early in the treatment and he is encouraged by that.

    He doesn't want to pulse the abx now, but at some point he may consider it. So.. I guess I will give it a try and see what happens. He is very encouraging and feels that I will recover. He really stressed that I need to rest and take care of myself.

    How is everyone today? Misty -how are you doing? Did you start back on the Ceftin again?

    I am so happy with all the posts here and all the support we are giving each other, especially thanks to minimonkey(can't remember your name-sorry) and all your posts of your recovery. It has given me hope when some was badly needed. Take care all.

    Love Mindy

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    I hope you don't experience too much of a herxing, it can be so difficult!

    I am curious about a few things, wondering if you know your doctor's reasons -

    Why did he not want to consider pulsing at this point? With the long time needed by Lyme to replicate, just wondering...

    Also are you going to be taking Flagyl at anytime to get the cyst form of Lyme?

    Hope you have an easy time with it!

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    I was on Ceftin & Biaxin (the same dosage as you). I never had a herx, but when I came off of these two antibiotics I felt so awful!! I thought I felt awful when I was on antibiotics and hated the taste of one of the two but now I feel horrible!!

    Stay with it! Don't come off! You will get there! Keep us posted!!

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    Hi all you lovelies! Isn't it nice to have this little support network here, where we can actually get to know one another a bit?

    Mindy -- it is generally recommended by LLMDs to take several antibiotics at once -- the reason being (as I understand it) that you will be targeting all the forms of Lyme at once. If you just target one at a time, the crafty little spirochetes will just shape-shift and escape the drugs you are taking.

    Ceftin and Biaxin is a really common combo -- and a lot of folks have GREAT results with it. I'm doing Bicillin injections and Ketek at the moment, which is a similar idea -- the bicillin gets the spiral form, and the Ketek targets the L-form (which is cell wall deficient.) Next, we'll need to add in a cyst-buster, like Flagyl.

    Biaxin and Ketek are in the same family I think, they are both Macrolides. A lot of docs are shying away from Ketek because of its questionable safety ... there have been several deaths associated with Ketek, and it was released under rather shady conditions by the FDA. Still, I hope I can keep taking it, as it is really helping me. If my liver enzymes get much higher, though, I'll need to stop it and switch to another drug.

    Not to scare you, but don't be surprised if you herx quite a bit from the Biaxin. A lot of people do. Allow yourself plenty of time to rest, and be sure to detox along the way -- that is key!

    I believe your LLMD is right -- an early, awful herx is encouraging, as it means you are responding to the drugs. I herxed fast and *ugly*, and only five months later, I feel really good! I've had lyme for at least 18 years, if not longer, so I know that even late-stage lyme can respond really well to the right drugs.

    If your herx gets unbearable, tell your LLMD. You don't want to end up with something serious as a result of herxing! (My LLNP believes in pulsing when necessary, thank goodness). This does get easier, I promise.

    Good luck, and keep us posted!!