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    I have been dx's with FM since Fall 2006, I also suffer from depression. As we all know, it is like which came first, the chicken or the egg. My Long Term Disability policy states that if I am disabled by FM they will continue to pay for 3 more years, as opposed to dx of just depression, which is 2 years and will end in February 2009. I had to see a psychiatrist at the request of the State of Indiana. It was about 20 minutes and all he did was ask me a few questions. I am scheduled to see an MD for a medical exam for FM, at the State of Indiana request. I am not sure what to expect at the MD visit. How can they tell if I am not able to work due to my FM? What documentation should I take with me? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I am not able to work due to my FM. I can start a project, then have brain fog and forget all about it. I cannot stand for more than 15 or 20 minutes because my thighs become numb, I am tired the majority of the time, my concentration is on and so on. Also, if you have gone throught this, please let me know what it was like.
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    It really helps if you have a job description that you can tear apart sentence by sentence, and type up a reason why your FM pain and cognitive problems prevent you from performing that type of task.

    Also, if meetings, flouroescent lights, extra stimulation from many-pary conversations affect you, document that, too.

    If you are emotionally unstable and prone to being sensitive at work, because you are in so much pain and confusion, document that also.

    If you can't get 8 hours of sleep at night because of pain and wakefulness, state how that affects your ability to get up on time and how you feel about 3 hours into worktime, especially as the pain escalates.

    Keep thinking about all the symptoms and how they prevent you from doing any job whatsoever.

    Mail a copy to your dr., make sure they put it in your records; send one to your disability company (certified mail/return receipt requested) and also to your disability lawyer if you have one (many here swear by Alsup), and keep the original in your files for the judge, in case your representative messes up and doesn't give one to him/her. Or any other people who get involved with your case.

    Secondly, if you are visiting dr.s, list their dates from the past year, their address and phone number, and why you were there and the results. If prescribed meds of any kind, list how they affected your ability to work (made you sleepy during day, along with nonrestorative sleep? didnt help at all? made you sick/worse?, etc.)

    State how you try to help yourself: walking, stretching, swimming, extra rest, eating well (unless can't find energy to make good, nutritious meals or have complicated digestion/allergy problems; if so, state them).

    List any/all other medical conditions: the combinations can make you very disabled!

    Also, type in SSDI in search engine above and see other's suggestions: there are a ton of them!

    Go to and read their information.

    Keep good files and copies x2-3 of everything!!!! To be able to send out to various entities who may turn you down a couple of times, then you need to send off one more piece of paper to keep it going.

    Get a copy of every dr. visit on the day to go to that dr....or at least request and sign a form that it be mailed to you, and make a note of it on your calendar. If you don't get it, request it again and again until you do.

    Your statement will be very important; it is how you feel and show exactly how your symptoms exactly match your inability to perform your tasks.

    Best of luck to you!

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    hope you dont mind i am sort going through same thing i just wanted to comment on the good advice findmind gave you! appreciate help like yours even though i didn't post the question!
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    The best thing I can say or anyone else is documentation, documentation and more documentation. Also multiple copies of the documentation.

    You don't mention what LTD company you have that can be important as the answers you receive on here also.

    I took care of my own LTD through documentation after being turned down right up to the final appeal and won. This means no money outlay for a lawyer.

    However you MUST have all of the documentation from your doctors. The best doctor to verify FM is a rheumy as it is in their field not a regular MD. So if you haven't been to one yet find a good one and get documentation.

    Also always know what your doctors are sending the insurance companies, because they maybe sending something different from what they are telling you. This is what happened to me for LTD until I found out and corrected the problem.

    Request all of the documents your insurance company is using to determine what they are basing their decision on, this will be very helpful in determining you next course of action.

    Good Luck, And by the way use an attorney to file for SS right from the beginning don't wait as most people do. I hired one from the beginning and won the first try in front of the ALJ who looked at all of the documents and said you are the first male I have approved for SSDI on the basis of FM.

    So again documentation and good luck

    Take Care

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    Idoty, I would say...Go Prepared. Below I have shared some info that I recieved from a Rehabilitation & Counseling Svc. that rates medical and physically handicapped individuals for the workplace. Use anything possible thing you can think of that is an obstacle in keeping you from working.

    My PCP wrote a letter explaining why I was 100% disabled and this info was given to the Rehabilition & Counseling Svc. by my attorneys and the M.Ed.,CRC who reviewed all my medical info has a 15 page + resume.

    Here are some examples to back up a disablity status based on Vocational levels:

    1) total amount of time allowed for work
    2) lifting/carrying capicity
    3) How many hours of bedrest are required during a normal working day
    4) do I require more rest breaks normally afforded in the workplace
    5) It is reasonable to expect me to be reliable in attending a 40-hour workweek in view of pain, fatique or other sysmptoms I experience?
    6) Could my pain, medical condition or medication cause lapses in concentration or memory to the extent that I could not attand a task or be reliable in following work instructions.

    Other restrictions may include, standing, walking sitting lifting/carrying pushing, pulling, driving, keyboard use, etc...

    **In closing, he gave me a 100% disability rating as I had lost all access to the labor market by virtue of my medical condition etc..**

    hope this helps you some

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    My long term disability company is Disability RMS. Around last April, Disability RMS contacted me stating that I needed to file for SSD and that the company I formerly worked provides help for those needing to file for SSD. That company is the Social Security Law Group.
    After reading all the replies, it is now making sense to me why I don't get much response from Disability RMS when asked about my FM dx. They bypass that question and talk about my depression. Does anyone think they are really trying to help me?

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