My MD thinks it could be FMS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1975jet, Oct 7, 2006.

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    Hi all- I haven't posted much lately, just lurking.... When I went to my MD over a week ago- she thinks it is more like I have FM and not -PPS(post polio syndrome) -I think myself I may have both at times.... Anyways, I am working on calling hospitals to see if any will take me with no insurance to try and get some tests done.....

    I called Dr. Bruno and spoke to him- he thinks I could have PPS being I had polio in my one leg- and by my symptoms - he also is familiar with CFS & FMS- he would evaluate me- at a minimal charge- just got to be able to get to NJ. -and have to rule out the other illnesses first.

    I have not heard from SSD- they did need more information from my therapist which she sent in- and she stated my patient needs to have medical tests to rule out Fibromylgia and/or Post Polio Syndrome... She also stated that even with meds and change in meds and therapy she remains having high anxiety with panic attacks and depression. I don't know if that will help - but I did call SSD and tell them I am now on vicodin for the pain..... Just wanted to talk to you all Janet
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    Hi Hayley - Glad to hear from you- you are not a dead beat girl- Anyways, in short of going to the ER today- I took my meds(now I am on a pain pill) and crashed for almost 3 hours- God, do I feel guilty when I do that......I hate it!!!!!!! But I did feel better, but now the ole neck is spasming again- so I gotta get off the computer- try to do stretches but I don't think it helps- I hate to be dependent on pain meds BUT I gotta say they help along with the muscle relaxers ---AARRRRRRGG****

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