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    Multiple body system regulatory dysfunction; history of various episodes which include but are not limited to; migraine, duplopia, skin itchiness, paresthesias, (neck, shoulders, upper arms, wrists, hands, rump, calves, feet), paralysis of arms, legs, side of face, loss of ability to speak, slurring of speech, visual blurring, floater in right eye, night-time seizure like activity of unknown etiology, rash of unknown etiology (beginning mid-December 2002, suspected CSD Encephalopathy, but not known at this time), episodes of incontinence, night blindness, difficulty walking, severe muscle spasms and joint pain.

    Developmental venous anomaly draining to the left occipital horn. This is developmental in origin, it is not associated with hemorrhage at this time.
    Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, although distribution of subcortical hyperintensities appear to be stable at this time (1/20/03). Viral involvement suspected.