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    I never did see my post,I am new to this site so maybe I just missed it. I was asking about my fear of taking vicodin, it does help. Oh how I have suffered for 10yrs without knowing I had FM until this month. I have had many MRI's, x-rays, shots in my spine, etc. I also have post-polio syndrome that causes me problems. I do keep active, curves for women, sing in church choir, many friends. When I go anywhere and do things, I get in the house and on the heating pad I go to stop the stabbing in my back and all the other pain throughout my body. You all know what I am talking about. Just let me hear from someone.
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    I'm not sure what you mean since I did'nt see another post either.??
    I'll look again after I type this :)

    I will just say that if your worried about taking vicoden,... I would'nt be if you know that you really need the pain relief.
    A person can try to go without pain meds for just so long!! and I think after awhile it really wears on your spirit and mind~ How can anyone be happy or feel like doing anything when they are in constant pain!!??

    Just take the vicoden as prescribed only. Never more~
    If you can get away with less than you are prescribed, ok.

    But if I had access to something that helped my pain I'd take it for sure!! I do know that vicodens work well,...
    But my doc. won't prescribe them to me.
    He thinks they are too strong for Fibro pain.
    Apparently HE does'nt have Fibro.??

    I hope this helps~
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    and its been a year now .My script is for 1 to 2 tabs 3 times a day.I only take what I need.Sometimes I go a week without it.

    Try them to see if they help you.It wont hurt anything if they don't.You can stop taking them if there not working.

    I also take oxycotin 2 times a day .I also only take if I truly need it.I can go a few days without or even a week.

    My doctor who is awesome says yes there a some who get addicted .They are the ones that allow themselves to get addicted.

    It helps my pain when I need it ,I'm glad Ive got them.

    I am not addicted to them.When my pain is at the low end I do not take them.

    Hope this helps.
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    Click on "view my profile" at the top right of your page. You will see all of your replies. It is in there.
  5. I take vicodin WHEN I NEED IT Only, I can take 1/2 a pill and it helps, so many drs. won't give it. It is the only pill that even touches my pain. I spent so long suffering, no more if I can get vicodin. They give it out sparingly though.
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    Thank you so much for your reply, that's what many people I know tell me. I did take a half before Church this morning and sang in the choir without the stabbing, burning pain I have had for so many yrs. I am not the type to ever take more than I should, it's just hard for me to think I take pain meds.
    Thanks again
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    Thank you and hugs right back at you.
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    You will never know how much you helped me. I took one half before Church this morning and was able to sing in the choir with out the stabbing, burning, etc. I have been in such pain for so long, 10yrs. Finally I have decided to make sure I get help for it.