My Melatonin experiment - 2 days

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Sidereus, Jan 27, 2003.

  1. Sidereus

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    I took a 3 mg melatonin tablet at bedtime 2 nights in a row . . . with very odd results.

    I awakened the first night/morning early and feeling as if someone was holding me down and preventing me from walking. Odd. What was worse was that I tried to walk but fell to my knees. I had to drag myself to the kitchen because I was so weak, not tired. Weak. It was a scary feeling but I did not panic.

    Throughout the day I felt fairly well, all things considered. I then decided to try again.

    That night at bedtime, I took a 3 mg melatonin tablet. This time, I awakened 2 hours later with the same type of symptoms and a very odd rectal pain(!). Throbbing pain? Anyway, I did fall back asleep around 5 AM and awakened at 8 AM, ate breakfast and fell asleep again almost immediately and awakened at 12 PM!

    The next day, I decided that I would not take the melatonin that night. I awakened the following day with none of the symptoms that I experienced while taking the melatonin.

    A couple of questions. Should I take a lower doseage? Are my symptoms typical of not tolerating the drug? Any other suggestions?

    My purpose for taking the melatonin was due to the fact that I cannot recall when I have had a normal sleeping "day".

    Thanks for any advice/suggestions,

  2. Jaysea

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    I've been taking 3mgs every nite for about 8 yrs. I've never had the effects you mentioned. I did have very vivid and weird dreams the first few yrs I took it but I don't know if that was from the melatonin or the fms. It just helps me get to sleep but I still awaken several times. You might try a lower dose, like 1 mg, and see what happens.
  3. Bkay

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    I just started on melatonin, I took just one last night
    and I had strange dreams..If I up the dose do you think that
    would do away with the dreams...
  4. sofy

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    Meletonin could cause harm just like any natural substance if it is not what your body needs. The bad symptoms are a warning that something is not right and I think you should listen to those warnings. You could try no more than 1mg and see what happens.
    The sleep paralysis you describe are often suffered by narcoleptics. I find it very interesting you were able to cause this to happen by ingesting meletonin.
  5. magic

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    I buy it from this site and started off cutting the tablets in half for two weeks and then went onto a full tablet taken as I settle to go to sleep.It should not be taken during the day as it will upset the bodies natural clock It makes me go to sleep very quickly but I still wake up during the night however I go straight back to sleep now instead of laying awake for hours.
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    You must be sensitive to meds. I used to take 2, 3 mg. tablets at bedtime for sleep. Melatonin no longer works for me at all.