My Mom fell on Sunday

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    I don't know what was going thru my mom's mind but she ahd gotten pu and treid to get dressed at 4:30 am when she suddenly fell on her face, she has a big black eye and stiff muscles and her body is really weak. Her blood thinners have her blood out of whack and too thin. She was really dehyratyetd adn needed a couple of pints of fluids to get her dehydratation better. She was told by her doctor that she has to drink more water, fluids or she will be damaging her kidneys and they won['t work right. She also needs to eat better, drink all fluid more and get some exercise. She is really struggleing so much as she does not want to go back to rehab as the last time she got so depressed that the two weeks she had been told she would stay there turned into months befor seh went home. I am praying that she will eat and drink mroe and exercise more adn do every hting seh is told to do. I am not ready to lose my Mom yet. I don't know how weeell seh would do if she had to stay at the nursning home and diddn't get to come home sooner than seh thinks she should. We are paryering that she will get better soon and worse. I am praying for her adn am asking you to all pray for her that she will get better adn get stronger sooner than later.
    PLeaes say prayers for MOm she needs all she can heal faster and will improve and be able to come home and stay well.
    Thanks for every thingl
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    What about Meals on Wheels--check with your local Aging Services for the program phone number.
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    I am praying for your Mom and for you, that she gets better with proper hydration and nutrition and that you don't worry too much and that you take care of yourself.
    I have taken care of elderly people since I became disabled. Most importantly, I took care of my both of my parents the last years of their lives. It was one of the hardest things I've ever done and biggest commitments I've ever made, but I don't regret it one bit. It is the one gift this DD has given me...patience and compassion for those in need of a little help.
    Do you have a good relationship with her Drs? It sounds like you are familiar with her health conditions, which is essential to providing care. How old is your Mom? Does she typically follow her recommended diet and get enough fluids? Sometimes we all need a little help with "reminder devices" to make sure we're drinking enough water, taking our meds, and eating enough of the right foods. If she is going to be able to continue living alone, could you buy her a pitcher to fill every am with water and ask her to be sure to drink it every day? Perhaps fill a weekly pill box to make it easier for her to take her meds? Prepare her meals ahead and freeze them when you're preparing your own? (I make a lot of soups, stews and the like which freeze, thaw in the fridge and reheat in glass very easily). A trip or two to the grocer for fresh fruit and veggies every week could be your "girl time" and something for her to look forward to. We create our own happiness...and misery to an extent. For most of us the pain will be there, like it or not, so we must press on and make the best of what we have. You said you are not ready to let go of her just yet. Well then, hold on tight, and do whatever you can to keep her going. She needs you, and do not be afraid to call on local agencies for support or at least to find out what kind of support is available for when you might need it in the future. Waiting until you need the help is NOT the time to be calling for help. These things take time to coordinate and plan. In case you don't know where to start, United Way 211 is an excellent referral service for just about anything. Otherwise, your county's Aging and Disabilty Resource Center should be able to offer you some suggestions about services that may be available in your area as someone else suggested. Some areas even have phone chains where she could get checked in on every day by a friendly caller to see how she's doing.
    In any case, I'm sure with you caring as much as you do, everything will be fine.

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