My mom had a bad dream about meHow do I help her?

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    Hello everyone,

    I am still awake, watching one of my TV shows on DVD and well my mom came into my room and looked worried, and she was just hugging me and kissing me, and asked if I was allright and all. Which I am, and been working on staying positive and happy.

    She had a bad dream about me but would not share it, but I will ask her about it tomorrow.

    Anyway I know it is normal for family and those that are close to us to be worried about us and our well-being. How do I reassure her that I will be okay?

    I know she must have been thinking about me before she went to asleep.

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    Thank you so much! I am really trying hard to not worry about my family's worries as I do have enough on my plate already.

    Well the crazy thing in our family especially the women in our family, many of our dreams do come true or partially occur. It happens to me a lot as well. However it is usually minimal things, nothing major just everyday things.
    However not as much as before these past few years.

    I am in school fulltime online and managing to somehow do well although I really feel like I don't have a brain. So I am not sure how I am able to do well LOL. This type of schooling is so much harder than going to school on an actual physical campus. Plus the classes are faster, 5 weeks.

    Then working on my diet and what and how I eat. Along with fitness. I am looking at going to the FFC next year for just some of the testing so that I have an idea of what is going on with my body. Then find out what is needed and then work on my own treatment if possible.

    Go out on a date or two to have some fun and remain lively.

    Anyway back to browsing, posting and watching Project Runway Season 2 on DVD lol.

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    I know that she now has been starting to use the computer and the internet so she is able to search about things now.

    I think the worry came from me not being able to go to a birthday party yesterday-a friend of family's daughter's children (I miss seeing them, they are sooo cute and precious), I believe the nice cool weather I have been enjoying is now catching up to my body and I am not enjoying it nearly as much.

    She probably should not have done that as she scared me when she opened the door and I thought something bad happened or she was ill.

    My mom has been reassuring me a lot, along with my dad, and I guess she felt it was her turn a little and I understand that.

    My illnesses are not only affected by me but my by my entire family, and it is hard on everyone else too.

    Anyway I wanted to defend her a little...sometimes I want to wake her in the middle of the night because I need to be held and everything but I don't. LOL I put on a movie or TV show on DVD to watch and surf the net. Or I read...