My mom said I walk more like Ozzy Osboure than Cher !?

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    EZBRUZR New Member

    Off the wall, and out of box thinking,now I ponder.Unfortunatly,I would agree, my bad days I do walk and look far more like Ozzy than Cher. I did have to wait to see an episode of "Osbournes". Now I wonder.i was unable to find any public medical issues in regards to either. Yes, I am more concerned about Me than them,however ,couriosity can be a nice diverssion when needed! In addition ,my feelings were HURT as she was not kidding. Any input?? Thanks! Peace, L
  2. ssMarilyn

    ssMarilyn New Member

    You haven't seen the Osbournes? Ozzy stoops forward and sort of "shuffles"... :)

  3. KayL

    KayL New Member

    and I've joked many times that I walk like Ozzy on my *bad* days. :)

  4. tansy

    tansy New Member

    my reactions to such comments depend upon what kind of day I'm having but over the years I've got better at handling them.

    Quite often I'll just agree and say nothing more on the subject. Other occasssions I might again agree and say it's part of my condition, real frusrating but as yet I haven't sussed what I can do about it.

    Quite often ppl are just expressing their observations and it can be through concern.

    I know it's really hard at times but you need to see where ppl are coming from or just accept that their comments are often well meant just not expressed tactfuly. With my loopy brain I'm frequently far too blunt, or cannot verbalise things in the way I would like, that makes me more tolerant of other's lack of apparent tact.


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  5. Hinemoa

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    and my very loving daughter commiserated, "Mom you walk just like Quasimodo," (in the "Hunchback of Notre Dame", you know, thump drag, thump drag.)

    I thought it was funny.

  6. ssMarilyn

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    If these comments bother you, just replay with "And?" or "So what?" or "thanks for the compliment, I LOVE Ozzy!!"

    Marilyn :)