My mom with CFS/ME is undergoing chemotherapy. I need help!

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    My mom has CFS/ME and is currently going through treatment for stage four colon cancer. The chemotherapy is called 5 FU and includes avastin and oyxaliplatin.

    She is having extreme pain from neuropathy, a common, but usually not too serious side effect of the chemo. The pain "floats" around her body from one region to another. It can feel like stabbing, or burning or a broken rib.

    The oncologists have never dealt with the pain she describes before so they said the pain is not caused by chemo and that maybe she fell, or has a kidney stone, UTI, etc. The treatment tends to involve looking for the pain source in typical ways(blood tests, xrays for broken bones).

    Oxycodone is prescribed for the pain but it doesn't work well.

    Does anyone have any new comments on how chemotherapy effects patients with CFS/FM? Does anyone have ideas about drugs or therapies that work? She is on Cymbalta and that did help but chemo has intensified all of her CFS problems.

    I have not found almost any information online about CFS and cancer treatment beyond this forum and the oncologists is great but knows almost nothing about CFS.
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    I wish I could help but I don't know any details either. I do know chemotherapy has been used as an alternative treatment for CFS but know no details on this either. I hope she finds some relief soon and you take good care of yourself!

    I did a google search in Dutch but didn't find anything either...