my mom's FM and disaiblity

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  1. mq

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    She is new to my area, due to my dad's abuse and his decision to divorce her. She has been looking for work, but can't find any. She hasn't worked in 13 years, and is newly dx'ed w/ Fibro. I'm wondering
    1. IF she should wait until court proceedings are over to apply for ssd/ssi
    2. What the best way to go about applying is. She has done an on-line eval, and seen a general practioner. Is this going to be "good enough" for disability?
  2. JLH

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    did she work before she quit 13 years ago? If she worked long enough to earn enough work credits, she may be able to qualify for SSDI. You will need to check with your local Social Security office.

    What did her primary doctor say about disability? Will he support her? Does she have other illnesses? How often does she go to the doctor? This and much more go into qualifying for SSDI.
  3. Mikie

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    I hope she is using an atty. for the divorce. She should be getting a split of the assets and maintenance on a monthly basis.

    The disability atty. will not charge unless the case with SS is won. He or she will be able to advise on how to proceed. Having a good atty. will also increase the chances of winning.

    Love, Mikie
  4. mq

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    for years and years. When she remarried my dad, he didn't want her to work. So, yes, she quit. And she just turned 60.
    Uh, which purple tab?-the dr. referal?
    Her primary care dr. is quite supportive-willing to write papers etc for the divorce hearing etc.
    thanks for your help
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    You do not have to be unable to work for a year. Its 5 months. I closed my business one day cause I just couldnt get up another day. My Dr. told me to file papers right away cuz it took 5 months to get it. That is what they told me too and it was almost 5 months to the day when I got the acceptance letter and probably about a month later when I got my first check.
  6. Mikie

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    What the time limit is on working. I know that one has to have worked so many quarters within a time period and she may not have worked recently enough. You can find that out by calling SS or going online to their website.

    Love, Mikie
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    hi mq
    I wouldn't think your mom would have a chance hon unless she has a doctor say in writing that she is unable to work gainful employment for at least a year. also indefinitly is better word if her dr will say it. I know this may be discouraging but ssi is hard to get even with lots of documentation. Barb
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    hi again
    I just read replys to your request and was sort of puzzled. for beginners you have to have a disability that is keeping you from working for at least a year unless this has just changed. also it has to be sever enough to keep you from working . If your mom has this then ssi qwill go look at her work history. they will only go back till 10 years before dr said she was disabled. you earn one work credit for each seven hundred and eighty dollars of wages. . for instance
    i'm 47 years old in NOv. and i need 23 work credits to get ssdi so you can calculate her wages and see if she has enougs in last 10 years. if you need more info . write again k barb