My mom's pain guy says she has rheumatoid

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    My mother is in WV and their selection of doctors is limited. She had a rheumy who turned out to be a pervert and lost his license. She then went to this other guy and he did little for her and insisted that she did not have rheumatoid, even though she had a cyst removed and it was read to be a rheumatoid cyst by two different pathologists.

    I finally got her to ask for a pain med consult, and the guy listened to her, didn't hold the fibromyalgia thing against her and told her he was certain from the exam that she has rheumatoid arthritis and he would have to work with a rheumatologist. He is sending her to a different rheumatologist, younger and a woman, who he says is great.

    My mother's hands are deformed and have huge nodules on them, and she had a sister with severe Rheumatoid arthritis, which was so severe that she died with Felty's Syndrome and then this idiot kept telling her no.

    We would make people who made mistakes like that in other businesses leave the business, but docs just keep on harming people.

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