My mother and her knees

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    Hello, my name is Sissy. I've been searching for prayer groups because it's very important to me that I find people to pray with me for my mother. My mom is only 43 years old, and has had the toughest life a person could think of, and she NEVER speaks negatively about it. Unfortunately, she has for about 3 years now had deteriorating, bone on bone knees, and they cause her the most severe, unbearable pain. She prays constantly, as do I and other family members, but I want to see her painless for once. She is supposed to be using a cane, and doctors even told her a wheel chair might help, because no doctors will even consider her for knee replacement surgery until she is at least 50. Friend, I don't think she can make it to 50 and I need prayers that this pain leaves her knees. My mother goes to work everyday, without a cane or anything else to help her because she's very prideful, she makes $10 an hour, my sweet dad was laid off and I'm looking for work, so we are struggling a lot right now and she's working her hardest to make sure things work out, all while she's in excruciating pain every minute or every day. I want my mom to be happy, and carefree, and if she can't be, I want her to be pain free. We are avid outdoors men and she can't do all the things she wants to, much less even barely walk. My mother is a religious, beautiful, strong, inspirational and faithful woman and she has yet to lose faith in God, but we need prayers from as many as we can. I love my mom and she's everything to me, and I'll do anything to try and fix her. Please pray for my mother, so she can not only be alive, but LIVE life. Thank you and God bless you.
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    Hi Sissy,

    As a mother myself I was quite moved by your post. What beautiful and honorable sentiments you expressed for you mother and the plight she finds herself in at such a young age. I am sorry this has happened to her and by extension all of you who love and respect her.

    The promises held in the books of Revelation, Psalms & Isaiah can be quite encouraging. In those books we find the prophecies that promise the day is coming when there will be no more sickness or pain, not even death!

    The book of Psalms holds many prayers for those in terrible circumstances and when read can calm us even though a trial may continue.

    I hope you will take advantage of the provisions of hope, strength and endurance that are readily to be found in God's word.

    Your mother must be extremely proud of you and the love you show to and for her.

    Michele K
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    Sissy - have your mother try magnesium oil on her knees. My sister's boyfriend, in his late 40's, had severe pain in his knees which interfered with gardening and other tasks. I recommended magnesium oil to him and the relief was almost immediate - he was able to do several hours of gardening that before would have been impossible. He sent me flowers as a thank you!

    You can buy it at any health food store or on-line.

    Your mom might also benefit from knee braces - they fit over the knee and support it. One of my knees has been troublesome and when it hurt the most, the brace really helped a lot to support it. My elderly father had had knee surgery and still had a lot of pain in his knee and I got him one of those knee braces and he was amazed at how much it helped. I felt irritated with his doctors who never suggested doing this. I just bought one at the drugstore. You can buy more high tech ones on-line - they really help.

    Good luck - your mom sounds wonderful -