My mother has been gone 6 years tomorrow

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    Hard to believe. I still miss her. She was my best friend and there's such an emptiness left. She lived to be almost 99 but was sharp in her thinking to the very end. I can only hope I can be that way no matter how long I live.

    I would like to share her final few hours with you. She was transferred from the hospital to hospice because they found MRSA in her urine. She had been in the hospital for tests for her swallowing and they told her that from now on she could only take solid forms, like yogurt but no liquids. I think she determined on her own that she would end her life at that point. Her final days of her life she would eat only a little yogurt. She was also on oxygen all the time.

    She had mentioned to my son that she would like to taste beer one more time.....this was a giant surprise since she would only have a glass once or twice in the summer when it was really hot and didn't drink at all. Her last day I was not with her that evening, planning on going back after I had slept a few hrs. My son, my husband and my brother were with her and my son had brought a 6 pack of beer to the hospice (people were allowed at this private facility). He poured everyone a small glass, she raised her glass and took a few sips then gave it to someone else. I believe she toasted her life in her own special way. She died about 4 hrs. after that. I wish I had been with her before she passed but I guess God didn't want it that way.
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    Sun, sweet story about the beer toast....your mom had a long life...

    My mom would have been 104 on July 1, she passed at 91, I was with her holding her hand and telling her "it was OK to go mom"...she ended up with cancer that took her. She didn't want to leave her children but it was time for her to go....

    I often want to pick up the phone and call her, but instead I think of her every day...

    I've had some bridge friends that went in their sleep recently and that's my HOPE....We will all go, but never know how... Take care. jam
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    Julie......actually because she went quickly you and your whole family received a blessing. I know it's hard when you go thru it but it's much harder when they have to suffer and still die. Even so, we still miss them so much.