My mother has fibromyalgia, I need help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by vivanexus, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. vivanexus

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    My mother has fibromyalgia, and she gets really bad mood swings. Is this in anyway associated? I was wondering because I wanted to know more about it...
  2. fibrorebel

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    It is a great thing that you are interested in learning more about Fibro and the effects on your mother. To answer your question re: mood swings ,yes mood swings, depression,brain fog...all are part of the endless frustrations of this DD. You didn't say how old your mother is,but, she may be having other changes going on (menopause,etc.) as well as Fibro. This is a very complex
    disorder/disease and there is a lot of info available to anyone interested here on this site as well as others. Sometimes we can seem moody but, really just feeling blue, lonely, or frustrated. Perhaps you should just sit down with your mother when she is moody and see what it is that she is feeling just then. Take care and I wish you well
    in your endeavor to learn more.

    love, Rebel
  3. layinglow

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    Hi---very definitely yes, mood swings are common with anyone who has a chronic disorder. The endless cycle of pain, and feeling unwell often leads to depression, anxiety, irritability, and many other moods. Medicines that are taken for this disorder can affect moods as well.

    I too, would suggest sitting down and talking with your mom about this, and telling her of your love and concern for her. I recently was having a terrible time with depression, and irritability. After denying it for sometime, I asked my doctor for help, and now feel much more even keeled, and happy as a result of the medication he prescribed.

    Communication is so important in houses where there is chronic illness.

    Best wishes, and what a great daughter you are, for reaching out for answers to your questions about your mom.

  4. Mikie

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    It's so sweet of you to care about your Mom and be concerned about her mood swings and try to understand. Yes, unfortunately, most of us got through all kinds of mood swings from anger to depression to feeling overwhelmed to just being irritable and bitchy, and everything in between. Most of what we experience is physiological because all our brain chemistry is messed up, so we can't help these problems without some type of medication. Some of our depression is situational because of the changes in our lives from having a chronic illness for which there is no known cure. Therapy can help with this.

    Encourage your Mom to learn all she can about FMS and find a good doc who is knowledgeable about these illnesses. She is welcome to come here too. This is an excellent place to learn, share, and seek support. We have a huge library of articles written by some of the leading experts in our illnesses.

    Love, Mikie
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    My mother has FM but so do I. This was just all found out about 2 years ago. I would highly recommend reading Devin Starlyns book on FM. She was a wealth of info. I actually gave my mom several of her books. I checked them out from the library. The more you understand the more help you will be to her. My mom knew nothing about FM because the Dr. that diagnosed her years ago said there is nothing that can be done and dismissed it. She said ok and believed her, your mom may be having the same experience and needs an advocate. My mom is always asking me questions about what I have learned and am trying. I even come here (to this board) and ask others when I don't know the answer. Many doctors blow off the FM diagnosis and the patient does not dare question her doc.I was one of those who kept asking every doctor I went to what was wrong and noone would give me an answer. Finally, I found a doctor that is at least willing to work with me. Your mom will appreciate you so much for helping her to understand what is going on with her body. That is why my mom doesn't read alot.She can not remember and it is so frutrating for her. So, look up some of the articles here in our library and also go to your public library. I read alot of books and did find Devins to be the most helpful at first. Bless you for wanting to help your mom....I know how hard it is to see someone you love in pain.......Thankfully you are not dealing with it too. Thats where it really gets hard(that is where I am) We have some interesting talks where we both forget what we were talking about.....gooa laugh.! Bless you again and try to encourage your mom because this is a very frustrating disease.