My Mother, WWII veteran

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  1. woofmom

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    My Mother is a veteran of WWII. Women were not allowed to be in any type of dangerous area at the time. If they had she would have been more than willing. She was not old enough to join, so she used a fake birth certificate. I proudly tell anyone and everyone that my Mother helped pave the way for women in Armed Services. She will be 80 years old on Dec. 14. I greatfully salute her!!!!!!!
  2. 143alan

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    I don't blame you, you should be very proud of your mother. I think that is awesome the strides that she made for the rest of us.

    Tell her Happy Birthday for me Dec. 14 and Thank you this Veteran's Day.

    My husband was retired Air Force and served in Vietnam so I understand the sacrifice of those in service.

    Take Care
  3. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    Please thank her for us!


    Nancy B
  4. Summit

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    I would like to salute her as well. I am a female vetern as well. I wanted to be in the calvary, but they would not let females in (grrr) I went into the legal sector, and loved my job, I was diagnosed with fibro while in service and medically discharged because of it (they did not give me a choice in the matter) I was rather upset at that, but I guess it was meant to be. I joined so that I could be able to go to college. Which I did after service ended. Yep, I recommend the service to's a good way to go!!
  5. kjfms

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    Please extend my thanks to your mother -- I'll bet she is a fantastic mother!!

    We Americans owe so much to the veterans of WWII.

    Take care,

    Karen :)
  6. Marta608

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    Oh, please thank her for us!

    I was so touched watching the veterans and the parades on TV yesterday. LOVE those folks.

  7. spacee

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    She was engaged to my dad when he went in the Army and was sent to Europe. So, she went into the Navy. Mississippi girl stationed in San Fransico. She loved every minute of it. She passed away last year at age 86.

    The US was "scraping the barrel" when they took my dad. Trifocals and flat feet, they put him in the infantry. He went over 6 weeks after D-day. That was all of the men we had left.

    God spared the world. God Bless America.

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  8. alaska3355

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    Woofmom, for sharing and thanks to your mother for serving.......she must be a great lady!
  9. sweetpea48

    sweetpea48 New Member

    We are all proud of her and grateful for her service.

    I was a nurse in the AF in the early 70's. The service is a wonderful place for women, IMO!
  10. findmind

    findmind New Member

    Then she led the way for me. I served from 1974-1980.

    I'm in the Women's Veterans Memorial with my picture and a summary of my military service, with my picture.

    Tell your mother I am so grateful for here being one of the first women in the military, because without them I would be penniless right now...I have 100% vet's disability, with my S.S.

    Love her to pieces, you must be so proud!


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