My mouth,on fire...tongue so ....

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    numb..I have had a few really bad days but this part with a bad burning sensation on the roof of my mouth, and my tongue gets so hot, then goes numb..I feel as tho I'm going crazy..has anyone else out there ever heard of this or gone thru this..or am I just loosin' Karen
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    Hi Karen, I have EBV and FMS as far as my mouth i break out in uclers inside my mouth and on my tounge. Citrus and salt are the worst for me. My doctor now has me on an antibiotic for my EBV and for the first time i am able to drink juice 2 days in row. Hopefully someone else will have your symtoms and they can better guide you...Gina
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    As a dental hygienist the first thing I thought of was a yeast infection. But that may not affect the hard/soft palate. Second, allergy. Some people just can't drink juice. Third vitamin B deficiency. Fourth a herpe virus. You can get shingles in your mouth and not show any sign on your face. I had a friend shose tongue burned for a year and the Doc's finally concluded it was shingles. She has immune system problems and is prone to yeast also. She was really frustrated. Actually she can't get rid of the condition. (better luck for you).
    Don't use any alcohol based mouth rinses. Don't drink/eat anything acidic. Be careful brushing your tongue. Check and see if you have any whitish granular tissue on your gums. Some people have reactions to tarter control tooth paste (like crest) and some people (like me) can't use the colgate with triclosan. (spelling may be wrong. I haven't worked in a couple of months) good luck! :)
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    I had that last week. It started on the roof of my mouth and then went to my tongue. I had trouble eating anything hard, crisp, or acidic.

    I went to the talksjo (sjogren's syndrome) bulletin board in Yahoogroups and it appears to be a common occurence with sjogren's sufferers. Mine didn't last very long so I didn't discover any wonderful remedies.

    Good luck,

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    Hi! I feel for you, I have had Burning Mouth since June 1991. The Drs. treated me for yeast for 3 yrs. it didn't do any good. The burning I have alsogoes down in my throat. I know salt, spicy foods make it even worse. I also have Acid Reflux, am on Prevacid & pep AC. I am emailing a internet friend. She also has the Burning Mouth & has tried many things. She has tried different Vites which has helped some. I can't take Vites to much Acid for me. I wish I could give you some help but I can't, just letting you know that there are more of us out there & don't give up hope!
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