my mri is in an hour

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  1. eggshel344

    eggshel344 New Member

    Hi all-

    I have to leave soon for my MRI to check for Chiari and cevical cord compression and a host of otherthings from the looks of the order...

    I HATE MRI's- I am so clausterphobic. I have valium for it, but I am skeptical that it will work. And I am all worked up because the migraine I have had for a full MONTH now hit like stage 9 late last night and I was up sick, so this morning I am still pretty bad. But I know I can't but the test off, it's like when do "we" ever feel all that good any how right?

    wish me luck-

  2. sfrazier

    sfrazier New Member

    Samantha - Good Luck with that MRI and I hope the migrain dies soon.

  3. mtnfla

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    I know what you mean about being clausterphobic, I usually get antivan via IV but last time I had one done when I was in the ER I wasn't given anything even though I told them I was clausterphobic but still got nothing...Once I was in the machine within a few seconds I was freakin out and told her to get me the f out of there,she called the er to see if they would let me have something casue there was no doubt that I'm extremely clauserphobic and they told her no and to let me know that if I didn't have it I would have to sign out against medical advice...Well after awhile I finally decided to try be brave and stick it out,let me tell you it wasn't easy and I was a basket case when it was over with and once I got back to the Er and the dr came back to my room I gave her a piece of my mind about how I was being treated..She claims she didn't say what was say to the tech and of course no one else would step up and own up to what was said..Needless to say it showed that I had had another mini stroke,so since July 04 to May 05 I have had 2 mini strokes,so I guess I'm real scare that this might be the real thing coming on and the DRs seem to be as confused as I am... Ok I'm going to end this message..
  4. Eva2005

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    I even will put on a little coppertone. The scent with the fans turned up as soon as I feel it moving into the unit I can smell the coppertone and just think I am at the beach and the winds are off the ocean and I use no Valium. Glad someone else has the same thoughts.... haha Eva
  5. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    treated it like a spa teatment lol

    when the machine vibrated-my massage the music playing was soul and blues,my fave for relaxing to and the air conditioned air was just right it was lovely :)
  6. eggshel344

    eggshel344 New Member

    thanks to all of you for your kind thoughts-

    it was a rough one- took nearly 2 hours. and I moved during one part so they had to do it again. They let my friend come in with me and hold my hand which was good and I got to bring in my stuffed animal too. that's one good thing about the "open" MRI's, even though they aren't that open if you ask me.

    the lady said my results should be at the dr. by monday or tuesday, so at least I won't have to wait long.

    Thanks again
  7. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    glad its over. i hope its all ok for you,i hate the waiting!

    your teddy eh? what is he? :D