My multicultural/bilingual granddaughter!!

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    I want to share the following as it relates to some of the topics we have been talking about on this board.

    My daughter married a wonderful man who is from Romania. His name is Bogdan. Bogdan is in grad. school in engineering and my daughter is finishing up her bachelors degree in teaching plus working full time. She stopped college after two years as she was not sure what she wanted to study and has now decided to become a teacher.

    I have one granddaughter Anna who is 2 1/2 and a grandson, Alex who is due June 21st, possibly sooner.

    Today when my daughter and Anna were here I got to feel the baby kick.

    Bogdan's mother just came to the states to help out with Anna and Alex when my daughter goes back to work. She also did this for Anna. Everyone benefited from this wonderful, loving relationship.

    Anna can count to ten while pointing to objects in English, Spanish and now Romanian. Her grandmother has been in the states less than three weeks.

    But this post is not just bragging about my granddaughter. Well maybe a little bit.

    I truely realize how wonderful and blessed Anna and Alex will be, both bilingual and exposed to both of their cultural heritage.

    My daughter and SIL have a wonderful marriage even though they come from different backgrounds. They had very different experiences growing up but are more alike than they are different.

    Now if we could just get the world to see that people with different backgrounds, beliefs can live together in peace and that humans are more alike in their needs, wants, etc. than different.

    There is not one "right" way to live on this earth, and maybe there is hope for future generations. What a colorful and peaceful world that would be.

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    This is a beautiful example of how people can get along. I have a son that married a hispanic gal, and her family and ours get along really well. We see each other most often when a baby in the family is being blessed, or for a while, they were moving, and we would get together to help them move a couple times while in the state. These two are going to be a fine couple for ever. They show so much respect for each other. It's great to see.
    Now, who's bragging...well, I think it's perfectly ok for us mom's, grandmom's to brag. That's partly what we're here for isn't it? The Lord gave us family, one of the most important gifts he's given us. So thankful for mine.
    Thank you for sharing..come back and brag some more. Maybe others will follow. I like reading what others are doing in their families.
    Love, Cynthia
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    I'd brag too!! How proud you must be, sounds as if you did everything right as a you should be proud of yourself as well.

    What a beautiful family!
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    Your families sound lovely! Yes, those who open their arms out and welcome people of all sorts without any prejudice, those who are not tied down with strict communal traditions, those are truly the happiest, smilingest people. Able to make themselves feel at home anywhere because they reach out with love and understanding.

    In our country they were very particular about marrying into the same caste, tribe whatever, but now it is slowly loosening....the government encourage intercaste marriage..through radio spots and messages on tv. And the young people have a little more independence with the right to choose whom they wish to marry. Previously it would be arranged marriage, with horoscopes matched and what not...and only the parents consent sought not the couples!

    God Bless

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    My mother's name was also Anna and she came from what was then Czechoslovakia. She and her sister, my aunt both came to the US to live with relatives when they were about 10 years old. Both of their parents died when they were very little.

    To make a very long story short when my parents had me mom used to talk to me alot in Czech. However, not like many of the people now she wanted us to speak English like she did most of the time. She and my aunt used to talk Czech to each other when they didnt want us to know what was going on (-: !!

    Unfortunatly, she stopped talking to me in Czech when I was getting close to going to school. As a result I never learned or remembered the language which I wish I did. Tell your dauaghter to keep it up and soon you granddaughter will be multi ligual, as you mentioned. That is such a wonderful gift to have and will help her later on I am sure in her life.

    Tell her, good job, and to keep it up. That little one will be a real smartie (-: and it will benefit her in many ways.

    Blessings to you !!

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    I guess Anna is a very popular name in Eastern Europe. Bogdan's grandmother is Anna and Anna Ruth was named after her and my stepmom Ruth who was really the only grandmother my girls had.

    Alex is supposedly another common name. He will be Alex George, Alex after Bogdan's dad, and George after my dad.

    Yes, I am blessed.