My names Dawn and Im newly diagnosed and confused!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by auntgrouch, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. auntgrouch

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    I was diagnosed officially today from a Rhuematologist with Fibro.
    Little of my history is this..Im 34 years old and I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer at an advanced stage in 2000. Had a complete hysterectomy then as well as chemo. Have had 3 major abdominal surgeries as well since DX. Since then have had nothing but pain pain pain....finally after ruling out everything else. They say I have Fibro.
    I am confused and scared...I found this site and it seems great. I have been on State Disability and now its running out. I cant work. I know someone who works for a disability attorney and she says go for SSDI. Anyone here get it for Fibro?
    Thanks for anything and any answers, Dawn:)
  2. dleverettjr

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    There have been some posts about people getting ssdi. do a search on the site and see what comes back
  3. Shirl

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    Hi Dawn, welcome to our world. We have many members here who have gotten their SSDI with FM, I am sure they will be glad to give you some information on what they did/said.

    Sorry to hear you have had so much illness at such a young age.

    Hope we can help you somewhat here.

    Again, welcome to the board.

    Shalom, Shirl
  4. Breel

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    Hi Dawn, I have been coming on this site since Oct,2002. I feel like this is a wonderful site for friends and all the information you will need for the fibro. Sorry you are in so much pain. I can't answer your question about SSDI because I am working. I was diagnosed in May of last year from a rhematologist but a doctor told me I had fibro in 1995, but I just kept going for tests and running up medical bills and never found out anything until I went to my rheumatologist I am now using for the fibro. I am in severe pain most of the time, even now as I type this. I hope you can get all the information you need. God Bless and best of everything to you . Breel
  5. auntgrouch

    auntgrouch New Member

    Thanks for the welcomes and the info that was quick...I believe this board is gonna do me some good. thanks again, Dawn
  6. auntgrouch

    auntgrouch New Member

    Oh Jan your soo sweet.
    I do have many a question really...Like how did it go getting on disability if I may ask?
    Im worried about my future too.
    Thank you for replying...we shall talk more soon I hope. If you feel like writing personally Id love to give you my e-mail addy...Dawn
  7. Patti2

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    I have only been doing this information board a short time myself. I am so glad I this site. Once you have been on state disability how do they take you off? I currently am between trying to keep working and going on ssdi. Several people on here have been sucessful getting on ssd, where others have had a hard time, I think being on State first it should be easier. There are some nice people at SS that can help you. I myself had 'cushings disease' which is cancer of the adrinal gland last summer 2002. I had what they called nucular radiation and that is when the Fibro really kicked in. From what I have heard a trama is the onset of this DD.
    Hey good luck to you, hang in there. There is a great group of people on here that will help you as much as possible.
  8. auntgrouch

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    Thank you for your reply. I am so pleased I found this site. It has already hleped me so much. Just knowing were not alone with this DD is awesome in itself.
    I know State only pays for up to a year and mines been about that this month. So there has to be something else. Im working on it.
    I just cant work. I mean if I could find a job that lets me come in when I 3 hours then sleep an hour, well maybe...but alas, there is no such job like that out there.
    I will keep you posted...Dawn