My nephew that I have had for 4.5 yrs, gonna lose him

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    Looks like he is gonna be going back to live with his mom, my sis. She really does seem to have gotten her life turned around and he has spent a lot of time with her lately and he wants to be with his Mommy. Scott & I feel like we are losing him a little more every day. It is hard. I think he will be with us till Summer and I have to say parenting has been so much harder on me since I got this dd and for his sake and his Mom's, Candy I am so happy for them. She is being so wonderful and has finally realized all the effort I have gone thru and is so thankful for what I was able to do for Cody for the first 3 yrs and that we have had Scott the last 2 yrs. He has been such an incredible Dad to Cody, it is so bittersweet. Happy for them and so thankful to the Lord for Candy's miraculous turnaround but sad for us. We will miss our Cody Bobody.

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    I cannot begin to imagine how hard this is for you, and at the same time, as you said a wonderful reunion. You will be in my prayers that you find comfort for this, and also that you will be rewarded for your selflessness, in caring for a little one in need--all while trying to deal with dd.
    God Bless,
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    What an incredible Love Story! My heart goes out to you. Love and Kindness will get their reward! I am glad your sister is better. My prayers are with you during this difficult separation. Take good care of yourself...
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    Bittersweet is a good description for it, Jaci----I really feel for you & Scott, but you have so much to be proud of! What a wonderful thing you have done for your sister & nephew, you will have the knowledge for the rest of your life that you did an amazing thing for your family. And now, it sounds like the situation is good, communication is good, & you really can have great family bonds & a truly great relationship.

    I really empathize with you, I know you will miss him, but you'll have a much closer relationship from this day forward than most aunts & nephews ever have!!

    Sending prayers & good have much to be proud of!

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    I am so proud of stepped up to the plate and did a wonderful thing for your sister and your nephew by raising him. And now..I am so happy that your sister has gotten her life together and can take him back.

    I cannot imagine how painful this will be..but..the things that you and your husband have instilled in him..will be carried by him for his lifetime.

    You did a wonderful thing and I hope you will feel peace instead of loneliness for your efforts.

    in admiration..Sherry
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    What sweet replies, it is really a situation where I think God has been in charge, one of my favorites from the bible is "Surely God is in this place" and all 3 of us, Scott and Cody & I are just trusting in the Lord to guide us. Candy is so incredibly at peace just knowing she has the oppty soon to redeem herself by proving her commitment to our family, especially Cody. I never thought I would see the day where she would understand my fierce atty yrs ago and my keeping Cody from her, it was for his safety and she now sees that and tells me I did the right thing every step of the way. It is very healing for me to know that she finally sees that. Cody is confused and we just remind him daily that he does not have to make a decision at all, he can just enjoy us all and the change that his Mom wants does not have to happen unless he wants it. It is not totally his decision of course but we all feel that Cody may need the love of his Mommy as he has been deprived of that relationship since he was just 4. It is like a big hole in him and only her special love is what fills that.
    I must say tho that I do not know how those of you with 3-4 kids and fibro do it.

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    Hi Jaci, What a wonderful reward you have. God is so good.For all the heart ache you all have endured God has now put things in place for your famlies to be complete.You have had the wonderful experience of having your little guy with you for 4.5 yrs and now God has restored your sisters life also.You may feel like your heart is being torn apart ,as you should,but the otherside of this coin is that now you have your sister finally relizing what a mom should be and what a loving kind person you are to have done all this for her.Now the little guy has his mom and you will still be able to be apart of his life.It's so hard to watch a family member mess up but the joys of coming home and all the work it's taken for your sister to get her family back,well the joys of it all are endless.You are in my prayers.God Bless Danisue
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