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    For those who wanted to know, I have had my visit to the Neuro. Had to see him because of funny heads etc, you know the electric shock feeling and gidiness. But he was not interested in the FM. Says my "head" problems are the result of my car accident in 1983 and the deterioration going on in my neck. Says I also have a middle ear problem adding to the situation. Tipped me back on the couch and lowered my head, turned my head to the right and I just couldn't keep my eyes focused. It was OK going the other way. Felt awful. Talked about a myleogram and said he would write to my Dr about his thoughts. My Dr is still away on yet another holiday so I have to wait till next week to see him. Other than that I am managing OK, getting used to coping with the ups and downs of this DD except I think I broke my big toe today. Stubbed it on a box!!! I have tried going to bed, but it hurts too much and so I got up again to visit the board. Love to all. Ozgran.
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    Thanks for your reply to me earlier.
    I am curious, did you mention to me once that you have Sjogrens Syndrome?

    In the article on Pure Natural Sea Salt, it mentions that a deficiency of this can result in SS.

    As you are having trouble getting OLE, why not try fresh garlic & onions every day, and or perhaps Oil of Oregano or Grapefruit Seed Extract.
    These will all do the same job for you too...

    Hope you haven`t broken that toe, - I don`t half swear when I bang mine on the door, it`s so easy to do.

    It`s late here 12.35 am, eyes starting to roll a bit so off to bed. Hope you feel some better soon.

    Love Pat.
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    I wear shoes all the time, because I am such a klutz, and I would probably be breaking them all the time. Plus I need the Ortho Inserts in my shoes in order to walk.

    I don't want the Doctors to focus on the FMS , till they have explored the Symptoms and have Ruled out other conditions.

    I had a whiplash when I was 21, and it was down hill after that, so I figure it played a part in the FMS, but I also have DDD, and SS, and OA among other problems.

    I also have an Inner ear Problem in the Mastoid, am waiting to do an MRI on my Brain and the Spine. Takes forever to get thing's done in the Big City, 'o>

    You might want to also check out the Trigger points of CMP called SCM, it's adding to the Pain I have. Bummer huh?

    Hope you get some answer's, and God Bless you,
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    Thanks for replies and suggestions. I really appreciate them.

    Pat, I don't think I have ever said I have SS. Don't even really know what it is, but will look it up. Don't want it tho' whatever it is. Thanks for the other advice. As for Sea Salt, I felt there was some reason I couldn't take it, but will check it out again.

    Sharon, you have given me plenty to think about too. I think my whiplash and other soft tissue injuries may well have contributed to starting my FM, along with Ross River Fever and a mild dose of Leptosporosis. Interesting looking back isn't it??

    As for my toe. I don't think I did break it now. It is very bruised tonight and still very sore but getting better. I only had slippers on and so didn't have a great deal of protection. Just have to keep the "tootsies" out of the way next time. Love Ozgran.
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