my new bottle of generic ambien

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    i just got my zolpedem in mail. took it didnt sleep till 9am next day. thought maybe i took 2 tramadol by mistake so took it last night still awake at 3am it came to me that something is wrong duh so i got out my old bottle and took 1 of them. went to sleep.

    so today called dr then anthem they gave me manufacture number so ill call them tomorrow

    has anyone had a faulty prescription. they look the same if they wont replace them im going to be a mess.thx love Gail
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    I had some problems with the name brand, but would still take it when I really couldn't sleep...then the generic came out and my ins made me switch....had a really bad reaction to it....did not work as well, but also never seemed to leave my system the next day, and I found out that I was doing all sorts of things in my sleep....woke up with candle wax all over my shirt once, was told about some weird ph calls I made another night, had major balance issues that led to a bad fall, was feeling really suicidal, etc....ins let me switch back and I stopped having those issues.....I no longer take either for a bunch of reasons (inc that the name brand stopped working that well and it was causing all sorts of cognitive effects)....still after talking about it further with a couple of Drs, I found out that though they say that generic drugs are the same as name brands, they really aren't.....have had issues with other generics before, too, and the Drs both said that is actually really common
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    ingreidients that companies use can cause us problems. Many times the pharmacies change generic brands and the chemical make-up can be just a little different to cause problems.

    I have on & off problems with the generic Ambein working for me--probably because I am so depentent on it. Also depends if I eat before taking it too.

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    i called the manufacture and they are sendi to tng me a new supply and i have to send these back to betested

    they were verynice thanyhanks for repling lovegail
  5. yes I get generic ambien 10 mg and IF it lets me sleep 4 hrs I am lucky.??? Nowdays we have to bow down to the insurance co. Even though we have a fairly good policy we pay almost $1,000 a mo for health coverage and $30 copays and get generics if available.
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    I hated the Ambien (zolpedem). I had no problem falling asleep, however, a couple of hours later i would be wide awake and unable to fall back to sleep. I will never take that again. I now take 1 mg klonopin (the generic) and it worked like a charm, however, I slept 12 hours sleep right through my alarm clock and i was supposed to be at work by 8. OOPS. I guess I will need to take it a couple of hours earlier that when i did.

    Good Luck