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    Oh joy, I go in tomorrow to the dentist. For more tugging and drilling and pulling and cementing.

    For my new crown.

    Please wish me luck, my friends. I get so much pain from dental work.

    I expect to be eating baby food for the next week.

    Anyways, that's why I've been so quiet on the boards. Dental phobia. :(

    I'll talk to y'all soon, when my mouth heals, once again post-permanent crown.

    GB, Willow, Patti, Rock, our other posters on HB/BB (I don't mean to leave anyone out!!) --

    You all are in my thoughts, and I'll be back in touch soon!

    Love, Diane

    PS: As Rock said earlier (I think) ----- I should have asked for a tiara too!!!! Given the price of the crown! :rolleyes:
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  2. rockgor

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    Hi Diane

    Good to hear from you. There has been a dearth of posts on our board for the
    last several days. I was starting to feel like those folks Rod Serling had
    wondering around in vacant towns on Twilight Zone.

    I hope the dental experience is less awful than prior experiences.

    Gordon tried a new dentist a couple days ago. A friend recommended this
    place, in Pasadena I think. You pay an annual fee and then any treatment
    you need is at a bargain price.

    Gordon has his teeth cleaned and a filling: $400. Not my idea of a bargain.
    They also said he needed to have two crowns reset. Price. $4,000. Those
    folks must be plum loco as a Gabby Hayes used to say.

    Speaking of tiaras, I was walking by the TV set when Family Feud was
    on. Some contestant gave "tiara" as an answer. The host looked bewildered
    and said, "What's that?"

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  3. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi Rock, and all,

    Thanks for the good wishes.

    And Wow! about the price of Gordon's dental work. I'm not sure about the price of a crown (except to say that it is very expensive, even with our dental insurance). We also get one free cleaning per year w/ins. A filling (large) would cost $88, smaller fillings would cost between $40 and $60.

    I got my permanent crown yesterday, and it feels OK. No more pain or sensitivity. I also had my teeth cleaned. The dental hygienist did a good job, but boy did she prod and poke and scrape, etc., with her dental tools. My gums are a bit sore.

    Then the dentist came in, did the crown, and then gave me the "bad" news. I need a deep cleaning (they charge $46 per quarter of the mouth). I'm OK with that, I've had it done before. Then she told me that I have EIGHT "corroded" fillings in my mouth! What! They all have to be replaced. I can't wait to see what insurance says about that!

    We got a letter yesterday from the dental ins. co. regarding my cracked tooth -- the one that got the permanent crown yesterday. They are questioning the procedure! Even though the tooth broke off to the gumline on the outer side, and there were hairline fractures on the inside. Which means that the tooth would have eventually fallen apart. Grrrrrrr. The letter said that "you should follow your dentist's recommendations and procedures. We are not medical professionals making these decisions........" Duh. Well then what are you -- paper pushers trying to keep costs down? That's why I said, above, I wonder what they will think about replacing 8 fillings!?

    Kevin went to the dentist with me yesterday, for a checkup and cleaning. He's also going to need 4 crowns and a deep cleaning. $$

    And speaking of always something coming up -- oh wait, I didn't say that yet! LOL

    Kevin's car got really "dinged" by what appears to be a shopping cart, over the weekend. It's by the passenger rear tire area. Took the paint off down to the plastic. (Who knew there is plastic on cars? I didn't.) So it can't be sanded and repainted. And the car is leased, lease is up mid-May 2016. Kevin's going to call the Kia dealer where he's leasing it from, ask for their suggestions. Do we have to take it to them for repair? Do we report it to OUR insurance company? Grrrrrrrrrrr. And I guess people don't have the courtesy anymore to leave a note on the windshield, about the damage they did.

    There's more, but blah blah blah. I felt good to get some of this posted, and make me feel less ornery. LOL

    One good thing -- I did find our mortgage payment! Kevin put it in the wrong stack, junk mail! LOL So the mortgage payment went out today.

    Anyways, my friends, lots on my mind. And really nothing I can do about it. We have to wait for estimates, bills, etc.

    I'll try to look for more pics to post for games. Keep my mind busy, since I'm not in too much pain, post-dentist.

    You all take care. I'll be back, soon as I can.

    Luv, Diane
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Diane

    Glad to see that you are back at the keyboard. Haven't heard much from GB
    lately although she did "like" a post of mine yesterday. I tried to send her one
    of those "conversation" messages, but it wouldn't work. I think that happened
    once before. I pretty much go around in a state of fog nowadays. Remember
    that song from The Fantaskics? "Try to Remember". That's me. (Or more
    grammatically, "That's I.")

    I've noticed in the last decade or so that people talk about the dentist doing
    "deep cleaning or cleaning the roots". I don't really know what that
    means. I would think you'd have to pull the tooth out in order to get at
    the roots.

    I remember when the Chevy Corvette was new in the 50s. It was the
    first mass production car with a fiberglass body. When I was an
    insurance adjuster, Corvettes were pretty rare. Never had a claim with
    one. But the adjusters who had handled such said if you smashed a front
    quarter panel (fender) into a tree, the whole side of the car was likely to
    shatter. Sometime in the last half century, I read, the fiberglass was
    replaced with a carbon fiber material.

    Hope your mouth feels better soon. I read that olive oil or warm tea
    bags are good home remedies for sore gums.

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  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Great to hear from you, GB. I hope you snap back to your old self soon.
    Don't wear yourself out with Christmas stuff. My mother used to write
    a letter with every Christmas card she sent. All the while complaining
    about people who were content to just sign their name on a card. After
    several years of this I began to wonder, why do you force yourself to
    do it.

    Nice post, Julie. Reminded me of the Imperial crown. I looked on the
    net to see if there was an appropriate joke. I found one site that
    advertised same, but when I went there it was merely a recipe for
    brownies made with Imperial margarine.


    Diane, still working on identifying the critters? Hope your mouth
    has recovered from the dental work.

    Kids, go see A New Picture game, Volume 2, on this thread. See if
    you can identify any of the strange and beautiful animals therein.

  6. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi, y'all!

    GB, good to see you posting. Kevin and I just made our "to-do" list for next week, and already I'm feeling a bit frazzled. :) And it's mostly cooking and baking.

    We don't decorate any more, not with 3 cats, one of whom we call TURBO-KITTEN (Rosie -- 3? years old). I can't imagine having to pick up the "mess" every day! LOL

    We don't send Christmas cards, or exchange gifts anymore. Way back when, when prices were going up up up (like for heating, electricity, etc.) .... we were still exchanging gifts with Kevin's family. (At that time Kevin was laid off from work, but doing part-time computer work.) So, Kevin took our bag of gifts to his mom and dad's house (where everyone usually gathered). I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't go (3-hour round-trip by car). When Kevin got home, I asked "so, you're not carrying anything from the car?" He said that no one gave us a gift that year. I felt sooo bad for Kevin. :( But, that's over with. Thank goodness.

    My mouth is doing great, thanks y'all for asking about me. My next procedure will be Dec. 28 (a deep cleaning/scaling on my right half of the mouth), with replacement fillings for those that are corroded. Ugh! The second half of the mouth will be done on Jan. 9. So, I get a break between now and Dec. 28! Yippee!!!!

    Yep, Rock, I'm still googling for the animal pic game! :) I just know that I'll find one or two more, maybe maybe maybe?? :)

    Julie, pop in anytime you can! I loved that pic. And I forgot about the Imperial logo, Rock.

    We try to make the holidays special for us, and the cats. Yep, the kitties get presents! :) It's mostly spending time together. Enjoying what we like to eat, listening to music (from my traditional "carols" to Kevin's non-traditional music -- think Bob Rivers/Weird Al -- LOL), etc.

    OK, back to google, to look for more critter pics................

    Later, my friends,