My New Doctor Is Heaven Sent!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Echos, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. Echos

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    Hello all. I went to my first appointment today with my new doctor. He is definately a gift from God. He knew all about FM/CFIDS. Spent close to an hour with me and treated me like a person. He was ever so kind and respectful of me and what I go through daily. He stated that, "There are doctors out there that can't except that the unknown happens everyday, these just happen to be 2 of those that have happened." He did not one time try to make me feel crazy or mention counseling. He said that this was as real as it gets for those that suffer from this. I have never had such a wonderful experience with a doctor since being diagnosed with both illnesses. This one is a keeper, a definate keeper. Anyone looking for a doctor in Phoenix? I know of a great one!

  2. jstbrznby

    jstbrznby New Member

    Isn't it like a miracle to find a doctor that is humane? Wish I was in Poenix, never know where we may end up so it is always good to know where the help is out there. Good Luck! Jyn
  3. beckster

    beckster New Member

    a post! But glad you have a good doc. Hope you get some relief soon. Beckster up north
  4. TerriM

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    That is such a great feeling . . . hope you get the help you deserve! By the way, loved your poem last weekend!!!! I write poetry, too. Love, Terri
  5. Lendi

    Lendi New Member

    I'm seeing a new one today and hope I have even 1/2 your luck. So far, I just keep striking out.
  6. kgg

    kgg New Member

    Have an appointment with one doc but am curious who you are seeing. Congratulations on finding someone you are happy with.
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Welcome to the "People With Good Docs Club." It always makes me sooooo happy when one of our members finds a good doc or PA (that's for you, Madwolf).

    It gives us all hope that there are good docs out there if we are persistant enough to find them. If any of the hospitals have public meetings about CFS/FMS, it is well worth a shot to go and listen to the speakers. That's how I found my new doc. Support groups are another way to find out who is good in the area.

    Again, I'm soooo happy for you.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Echos

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    My new Doctor is Dr. David Minor, DO
    I don't know what kind of info we are permitted to give on the board so if you e-mail me, I will give you his info. My e-mail address is: Search N4
    Thank you all for sharing in my happiness. I am still in complete shock that this man treated me with such respect. He is truly a wonderful Doctor.

  9. Echos

    Echos New Member

    I'm so sorry about what your going through with these doctors, I truly know how you feel. What area are you in? Maybe I can help you find a good one. If you get this, you can contact me at: Search N4
    Hopefully I know someone in your area that has a great doctor that I can recommend for you.

  10. 2girls

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    Wonderful for you! I never tire of hearing about a good doc in this gray area (FM/CFS).

    Good luck!
  11. jackiec

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    Hooray!! I'm so thrilled to hear of another great doctor. It took me 3 years and more than 6 doctors, but I finally found one who is both knowledgeable with CFS/FM and easy to talk with. It makes such a difference when the doctor gives legitimacy to our problems.

    Best of luck to you. I wish it wasn't so hard for everyone to find a doctor with compassion and understanding.
  12. beckster

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    you but it is always returned; says there is a fatal error in the address. Am I the only one having this problem?
    (I am fairly new to computers but haven't had this problem before--I tried it twice. The returned address, but not the one I send, has different caps and and period before and after the N4. Help!?) Beckster
  13. Echos

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    Try: Maybe the spaces are giving you a hard time, but my mail comes through both ways. Let me know if you have a problem this way.