My new DR in Spanaway WA listens to me!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bellesmom, Jun 4, 2003.

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    I've been to her twice now and she actually seems to be interested in trying to help me altho it's costing me a lot!! A wonderful angel friend went and paid $500 to help me out and I came near to using it up in one trip and the blood work hasn't been done yet because my previous doctor has not forwarded my files. This is a "low income" clinic but it is very close to my home. I do not qualify for a financial break, however.

    The doctor is a young woman who seems quite competent, her staff highly recommended her and she wants to re-diagnose me just to make sure first doctor didn't miss something.

    So if anyone if this area wants to know who/where she is, let me know.

    My bones have been feeling like they're breaking lately in legs and arms. Excruciating pain - the evolution of this thing is amazing. When you think you've had every kind of pain known to man/woman, something else comes up!!

    Thank you all for being here. Just had to share my good news.

    Spanaway, WA, USA
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    I am finally referred to a rheumy and look forward to my visit in 2 weeks. He is also on the "good Dr." list.

    Thank God for angel friends, I'm glad you are getting some help.
  3. RLCarter03

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    I would love your information on the doc in Spanaway! I am on public ass. for my medical right now and have the option to change from Group Death. If she is in one of the plans I can use her, or I am sure I can qualify for the low income part. I could really use a doctor that actually listens. I have been fighting the docs at GD for 4 years now. They either think I am a hypachondriac or a drug addict. So sick of them all!!!!!! Thanks for the good word and in advance for the info. God Bless You
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    this is 15mn from home. I would like to know her name. thanks for bringing this up and sharing this.
  5. Bellesmom

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    So here goes:

    Her name is Nurit Licht - she is blond, young and really nice. She is at the Spanaway Medical Clinic, 134 188th Street, Spanaway, WA 98387 and her tel # is 253-847-2304. There is also a physician's assistant (male) at this clinic. It is a huge, new clinic and there should be about 6 doctors but so far they only have the 2. It is part of a larger low-income facility that has about 7 clinics now. I go there because it is close to my home and I just took a chance that she might help me. So far I don't know as my previous MD up the road from there HAS NOT forwarded my paperwork! So I cannot have bloodwork done until his office does that.

    Anyway - hope this helps those who asked for the info since I, too, know the feeling of not knowing where to turn when looking for a good primary care physician.

    Let me know what you think after you have seen her. I hope this helps someone out there. I have received SO much help from this website!!

    God bless
  6. RLCarter03

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    Thank you so much for getting permission to use your doctor's information. I will be calling there first thing on Monday to see what kind of insurance they take or if I can just pay. Really doesn't make any difference at this point. Just want someone that LISTENS!! You are a doll!! Thanks again.
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    Isnt Lacey near Spanaway? Found an ad in the Seattle Times for a lecture on Fibro, June 18th at 6;30. It's up here in Seattle but thought you might have head of this guy since you are in the area?Good luck with you new Doc