my new dr is cfs ignorant

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    ugh. i recently moved from pa to fl. my new prim care dr is clueless about cfs. actually now that i think about it- all of the drs i tried in pa were clueless about it too. so i guess i shouldnt be dissapointed.

    i have had severe insomnia for 20 yrs. when i take sleep meds it is much better. this is typical of most cfs patients. i have been on ambien for years and it is a godsend for me. well, my new dr doesnt "believe" in long term use of sleep meds. well aint that fantastic! even though i explained it all to him.

    also- normallly i dont have any anxiety problems, but in last few weeks i have had severe bad anxiety (due to a temporary stressful situation). i need help to get thru this. my cfs has gotten worse due to this current anxiety. xanax for a week or two would be incredibly helpful. but nooooo. this new dr would not give me any at all.

    so my appt was 100% useless. what a waste of time energy and money. its so frustrating that drs dont know about cfs. i even had a 2 page print out for him explaining about cfs and the need for sleep meds. it was an article that quoted several of the top cfs drs.


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    Hi bigmama2, whereabouts in PA were you? I currently live in Erie - the "mistake by the lake" lol.

    I asked my doc here about chronic fatigue syndrome. I currently have fibromyalgia, but last year, I had such a relapse that I became extremely tired. I think I have both CFS and FM. My doc said they were one in the same and pretty much dismissed it as that.

    Oh - did you get your previous records to take to your new doc? Perhaps by seeing these he/she will represcribe you the medicines you were already on. I dont know what I would do if my doc decided to quit prescribing them to me.
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    Have you had a sleep study? I know my dad was prescribed Ambian without a sleep study. However, it is a legitimate way to show that you do indeed have a sleep problem.

    Most hospitals have a sleep study center. I would change doctor's and see if you can get a referal.

    One thing I did was to call the sleep center and have the recommend a PCP.

    Good luck.

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