My New iRobot!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hermitlady, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. hermitlady

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    I finally decided to get a Dirt Dog model for my tile floors. This is the one that is a sweeper made for hard floors, garages etc. It's a lovely addition to my family, my cats even like to watch it work!

    It arrived a couple of wks ago, and so far I am very pleased w it's performance. It works great, my floors are much cleaner now. I can set it lose and forget about it, so the floors are getting more attention than they did when I was having to drag the vac out and do it myself. I can't really sweep w a broom much, cuz it just stirs up the horrible dust we have and sends the animal hair floating in the air. Also, I have bad the less repetitive motion, the better.

    The only thing you have to do is be sure to pick stuff up off the floor that the Dog could get stuck on. Also, I just lay a broom handle across the door openings in order to keep it in one room (didn't want to fork out the money for a "virtual wall").

    I have used it several times and the last time, it ran for almost 2 hrs. I think it was listed as having a 1 hr charge. I do know that it gets up the tiny grit/sand and lots of cat/dog fuzzies. The only thing it doesn't get to is the very corner of the room (since he's round).

    I bought it thru Hammacher Schlemmer website because it includes a lifetime warranty instead of just the 1 yr manuf warranty. It was $129 + s&h. I give it 5 out of 5 stars for now, I just hope it keeps up the good work:)

    Next, I'd like to try a Scooba, the floor mopping/scrubbing tile is pretty smooth w tiny grout joints, so it may do OK on it. It would certainly make the floors cleaner than them not being mopped at all! That is one of the hardest jobs for me to handle.

    Hopefully someone else will try one of these to help w the never ending battle of the dreaded housework routine. Now if they just made a laundry robot, then I'd reallllly be happy. And maybe one that cooks, does dishes, scrubs toilets, the list goes on.........

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  2. 3gs

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    I loved my roomba,unfornately its sick now!!! lots of ladies where my mom lives have them and have even named them.

    The only negative I have heard on the scooba is it leaves the floors wet. have you seen the new Mint?

    wouldnt it be nice to have the robot Rosie from the Jetsons show???
  3. Mikie

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    As I mentioned, when I was bedridden most of the time, I loved my old Romba. Now that I'm able to push a vacuum and my tile floor scrubber, I don't use the Romba any more. I don't clean any more often than I have to without being turned in to the health dept. as it is :)

    I'm all for anything which helps us do what others take for granted but is soooo hard for us to do.

    Love, Mikie

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