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    Well I have been working at my new job since last friday. I am only had in 17 hours. But I think I may be able to swing this job. And right now I am "under the table" so I kept my SSA application open..I never called them and told them I was working or anything,which was cool because this place pays me in cash.I have noticed I am *extremely* tired most days I get home(it is a 35 mile drive to work). Since my husband left me last kids have been very supportive. They understand mamma's *sick*..he never did.Last night we all went to bed @ 8:30 and I slept till 10:30 this morning.I hope I can continue to work at this job since it is not demanding or physical in any way. Wish me luck:eek:). Oh..and my SSA dr. appointment last week was a joke. All he made me do was walk/stand on toes..etc..basic stuff. He did give me an EKG for the burning ribs..came back he said I have gas. Ok,whatever.He wished me luck w/ my SAA application and I was on my way. He knew nothing about my history,and didn't ask. I don't see how thay can make a judgement on just that basic visit. ***Janet***
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    Glad to hear your new job is working out so far! Sorry to hear about your husband, but if he was not supportive of you and unconditionally acceptive of you than perhaps this is a blessing for you. As far as your SSA appt. are you keeping a journal of daily life with your illness? If so I would put an entry in it describing how brief and incomplete the visit was, in case you need to reference it later. We always think we will remember the important stuff but fog is relentless! Take care of you! love, Rebel
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    ...I'm so glad for you. Just keep pacing yourself and enjoy!
    I'm so sorry that your husband left you - I have been through that experience too (long before the dd ever hit). I know it's early days for you but I have to say I felt kind of relieved when mine went. We had been pretending for far too long and that in itself was exhausting. I also found that I felt much less lonely once he had gone, which sounds odd, but I think it was because when he was there, I was always hoping for something that never happened - he just wasn't a giver. And me and the kids were able to really bond and make our own 'new' family.
    Anyway honey, keep us posted on how you are getting on with it all and the best of luck to you!
    Mary x