My New Liver Test Results

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dhcpolwnk, Nov 19, 2005.

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    Since several people have been kind enough to ask me to keep folks posted about my lab tests, and since I don't think I've posted about that yet, my doctor said the re-test showed just a slight elevation. (I don't know the numbers, but it was sort of borderline, like my fasting blood sugar and thyroid test results.) Since the previous test showed AST and ALT levels that were 10-15 times the "normal" or "reference" range, I'm happy with that. My PCP thinks the lab made a mistake the first time around.

    Unfortunately, I also had a bladder infection. My urologist put me on generic Macrodantin for a week. I'm not sure whether the infaction went away or not, but the slight fever I had disappeared.

    Unfortunately, yesterday I had a fever (101 degrees--pretty high for me), and other symptoms came back. So now I'm waiting on lab results to find out for sure whether this is another bladder infection or something else. My doc put me on generic Keflex this time. (Thank heaven for my probiotics. I've had enough problems with candidiasis lately! I think the stronger probiotics have been helping with that, and I hope they will be enough to keep the candida at bay while I'm taking the Keflex.)

    Strangely, my fever went down pretty quickly yesterday, and the first time I took my temp this morning (at about 10 am, it was only 96.7 -- even lower than my usual sub-normal normal of 97.2 to 97.6. (The last time I took it, my temp was back up to 98, which I consider normal for me in late afternoon.)

    I seem to remember some discussion on this list about low body temperature, but what about body temperature swings? Is that typical for fibro?

    --Laura R.M.

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    I had many symptoms of being having hypothyroidism but for whatever reason, the tests never showed anything. (Let me correct that, my Dr believed that 7 can be a high normal).

    I've been on a dosage of .75 mcg's of levothyroxine for the past few months, went up a .25 at a time. Right now is the first time in a long time that my body temperature is almost normal. Still slightly below 98. It used to hover in the 96 range.

    My temp swings are not quite so bad, although when I am under the weather, my temp doesn't have to go that high to feel really awful.

    Can't say I've noticed any other improvement. FMS has a lot of hypothyroid symptoms.

    All the best,


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