My new Sacro-Ease BRSM backrest -- not good

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jen F, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Jen F

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    I don't like it.

    Is it an acquired taste???

    This back rest sells at a local store, only store in Toronto that sells them for $195. It's cheaper for you 'Mericans, i've seen them on the web. But for this kinda money, I was expecting a little slice of good-posture heaven when sitting in my office chair or on the couch.

    Instead, I find it hard and uncomfortable and the material is very scratchy. [doesn't help that I'm having skin sensitivity from meds]

    I thought I was getting the BRC model which has an additional 1" foam padding, but I don't even know how much 1 inch will help, this thing is HARD.

    Okay people, opinions please! Who has one and do you like it? They are more made for cars. But I don't have a car to sit on. I have a simple cheap loveseat with little support which is why I was recommended this very expensive back rest.

    And yes, I tried an obus forme first. The factory is just up the road actually. Well, mabye it's closed down since the murder, but there are plenty of Obus Forme's around and i tried that first, but doensn't really work well on my couch.

    Searching for an easy posture help solution other than buying an expensive couch which may or may not fit through door and hallway to living room. [Everything else here is Ikea or the like and can be taken apart, don't know if regular couch would fit and buying one would eat up a significant chunk of the money I have for my treatments]

    Anybody find BRSM backrest uncomfortable at first, but then accustomed to backrest after a few days?

    Anyone have to return for a BRC with the extra 1" padding? [don't know if I can exchange this, I sorta got it through a friend]

    I'm so surprised I don't love this.

    I'm not even that crazy about my new Structure memory foam pillow either! Thought it would really help, but maybe it takes a while for my neck to adjust to that also. I still can only sleep in one position, on my left side with a cervical pillow.

    anyone have a Structure pillow? Please give me your feedback.

    thanks very much. I really look forward to hearing other's experiences with these products, esp those with neck problems.
  2. Jen F

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  3. rasyte

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    actually I went shopping with my husband yesterday for the backrest or something like it. Could not find anything that I liked. I sit in the office all day and the chair that I and all other people have here, are so BAD. After searching and doing some reading, I decided to by a new chair for myself and get it delivered to my office. I do not think I could find backrest that would fit me so well as office chair that I selected. And the price difference is not that big. By the way, I do have back support currently, but it does not do any good for me.
  4. Jen F

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    which kind of back rest have you been using, that hasn't been of much help?

    These Sacro Ease units are so expensive I can't believe I don't find it comfortable!
  5. Applyn59

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    I felt bad when I saw the backrest u picked.
    It looks horrid to me.

    I had to sleep in my backlounger all night
    last night and it was great.

    What are you looking for anyway? Bed
    or chair usage???

    I also sometimes use those wedges.

    Be sure to read my messages
  6. Jen F

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    not the bed.

    I seem to have avoided need for a wedge, which is good cause costs $50.

    My pillow's not working miracles either.

    What do you know about osteopaths?
  7. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    I went to one who I thought was the answer to my
    prayers. The first few sessions he spend at leas
    one hour with me. I would love to see a good

    He gave me provigil and right after I took it
    I was having horrendous pain in shoulderblade
    with waves of nausea. My hands and arms were
    numb and tingling, etc.

    I begged him to test me for mycoplasms (he
    was infectious disease and would run no
    immune test or infection test).

    I went to see him one day in excruitating
    back pain and shoulderblade pain. I wrote
    down my symptoms from the new meds.
    I especially waited two days because they
    promised I would get him. When I
    went there, I was given to a med student and I
    knew more than he did. I got testy with him
    and said I waited because I wanted the other
    dr. He went and got dr who came in with
    the student. Dr. told the kid to check
    my shoulderblade. Asked me what was
    wrong and I told him. He said that my
    shoulderblade pain was from anxiety
    and that it is obvious that anyone who
    writes single spaced lists like that is anxious!
    My paper was lined for gods sake!
    I had read that Provigil (or another med he gave me)
    could cause strange pain. He talked
    to me like an imbecile and said if you are asking if
    a pill could cause pain in one spot the answer
    is no. He belittled and humilated me in front
    of the med student.

    I asked him if he could do an adjustment or something
    since that is what an osteopath does. He did so
    something to me that helped my back
    and my shoulderblade a bit.
    I never went back. He was horrendous to me.
    He kept asking why I was begging for the
    mycoplasma test and I told him that I could
    not longer live in constant pain 24.7

    Try one out. Just because my dr. was bad doesn't
    mean they all are. They tend to be nicer I would
    think since most natural drs. usually are