My Old Dog Passed Away

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    I know some of you read about a year ago about my lab, Aster, who was diagnosed with cancer in January 2007. The vet told us then that she would probably only make it about 6 months so we are thankful that we got almost a year more than that with her. Here is the eulogy I wrote to send out to friends and family which I consider you guys to be. This happened yesterday:

    "Today Dean and I lost our dear friend and companion of just over twelve years.

    Aster (Alkali Flats Dis-Aster) left us this morning just before 9:00 while I gave her one last ear rub and Dean laid his hand on her shoulders. Over the weekend she had suddenly gone downhill due to a second large tumor, this one in her abdomen. She could not keep her food or water down and was in distress. We didn’t want her to suffer.

    Up until just a few weeks ago, even with cancer, she was lively and seemed to have no more aches and pains than the rest of us “old” people. Then we noticed that it seemed to hurt her feet to walk on the gravel and she lagged back at the end of the leash when we went out to take care of business. She still ran to the window to bark when Rey (our golden retriever) lied to her about seeing something outside, and she still met me at the door every night when I got home, but in hindsight we can see that she had really started to deteriorate in the past 6 to 8 weeks.

    Aster came to live with us when she was about 8 weeks old. Dean picked her from a large litter because she was the most “birdie” when he teased the puppies with a duck wing.

    She loved to hunt for pheasants, but her favorite was ducks. When Dean took her duck hunting she thought every bird that hit the water belonged to Dean. No matter who shot the duck or whether they were hunting with Dean or not, that bird was hers. She even brought Dean a live mallard duck that she had caught in the ditch behind the house. He came to the door with the drake in his arms and asked me to take Aster into the house so he could put the duck back in the ditch. She once caught a pheasant chick that was small enough to fit completely in her mouth. I panicked but Dean called her over, told her to drop, and she set the unharmed chick in his hand.

    Although she was great at hunting, fishing just wasn’t her thing. She was sure that lures should be retrieved and got so excited she just couldn’t stop barking. Every time we went out in the motor home she would begin to whine and drool as soon as she could smell the water. Last fall we went to Crowe Butte and she frolicked in the water like a puppy but was so sore when we got back to the motor home that she could hardly get up the steps. Just like most of us, she didn’t know her limitations.

    Aster loved to chase the ball and would continue to bring it back until I made her stop. I don’t know how long she would have kept going if I hadn’t got tired of throwing it!

    She was diagnosed with cancer in January, 2007. The vet said it looked to be an aggressive type of cancer and that we were probably looking at about six months. We made the decision then that when she began to be in pain we wouldn’t drag out her suffering. We had her more than 12 months longer than the vet predicted and we are very thankful for that extra time.

    In my mind the highest praise you can give a dog is she was a “good dog”. Aster was a good dog.

    She’ll be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge."

    Thank you all for the prayers for Aster when she initially got sick. I already miss her more than I can say and Rey is very confused and has been looking for her. He laid down on her bed yesterday while Dean and I were at the vet and didn't come out until Dean went and got him at 2:30 to take him outside. It's gonna take us all a while to adjust.

    Hug your puppies!
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    I'm so sorry. It's always so hard to lose them. My heart goes out to you and Dean. Give alot of extra lovin to Rey these next days. My thoughts are with you all.

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    Losing a pet can be so hard.....You are in my thoughts...
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    Sounds like Aster fought a good fight and she will see you at Rainbow Bridge.

    I loved your ulogy and cryed at the end as the whole time I was reading I kept thinking about Rey and how he was, he will miss her for a long time I am sure.

    You will miss her for many years to come but I am glad you got that extra six months. I am so sorry for your lose, get comfort in knowing you gave her the gift of a painless eternal life and she will always be watching out for you- Hugs Carla
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    I shouldn't read these things. They just make me cry.

    I'm glad you have happy memories.

  6. fivesue

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    ...and what a wonderful life you gave him. I am so sorry for your loss, but I am happy that you had 12 years with this incredible friend.

    I'm sure there is a big hole left in your heart right now...

    Wishing you peace and comfort as you grieve.


  7. Cromwell

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    For sharing this with us. I am really sad that she has now passed. I recall when she first got sick.

    As you say, she is a good dog.

    And she will be on that bridge.

    God Bless, Annie
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    I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure you have lots of precious memories of Aster. God's creatures are so very special and it's a comfort to know they will be waiting for us on the other side.

  9. Didoe

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    Aster was lucky to be loved so well
    My condolences to everyone in the family
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    What a beautiful tribute to your dear friend. I loved your description of her bringing in the a gift.

    I have been through this with 2 Goldens and know how hard it is for the dog left behind. Take good care of Rey and get him out a bit. He will grieve just like a person.

    I only lost my Sweetie in late December and I miss her every day, but remember how lucky I was to have her for over 13 years.

    Give Rey a big hug and picture Aster running and playing and chasing ducks at the Bridge.

    How lucky Aster was to have such a loving mom, dad and brother.

    BILLCAMO New Member

    I understand.

    IMHO , there is no better companion than a lab.

    The last one that I had went hunting & , sometimes , fishing with me.

    (Fishing was not his strong

    It was tough , but , I had to have him put down too. It was time.

    Some day maybe I'll be able to be owned by a lab again and be able to enjoy his or her company again when I'm out hunting , having other fun with , or just playing ball. For now , it would be a waste of a lab's affection since I can't take a dog hunting.

    Right now , a Min Pin has my heart and is almost more than I can handle energy-wise. But her love helps me a lot !

    And my western neighbor has a lab that comes over here often......I just wish she wouldn't leave such big deposits for me...... :>)

    Blessings ,

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  12. Rafiki

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    she was a very good dog!

    Thank you for sharing. I feel I know her just a little. What a good dog.

    May you move gently through your grief.

  13. hugs4evry1

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    I'm so sorry to hear of your loss...what a wonderful tribute you've written though.



  14. sisland

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    Aster,,,Was a Faithful companion to you and dh!,,,,My Heartfelt Condolances going out to you and family,,,Thankyou for giving her a Good life!,,,,HUgs & prayers!,,,,Sis
  15. greygodess

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    to hear of the loss of such a dear companion. Her memory will live forever in your heart. Godbless
  16. Greenbean7

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    DH spent Monday building a trellis for his raspberries. He needed to be outside as it was too obvious in the house that Aster wasn't there. I was at work so that helped until I got home Monday night.

    Rey is still trying to figure out where Aster went. He tried to get in Dean's car last night because that was the last place he saw Aster go.

    Every morning when I fix my lunch the dogs sit behind me. Aster on my right, Rey on my left. I toss them pieces of apple and carrot without even looking at them and they very seldom miss. Yesterday morning Rey sat on my right side. I looked at him and said "you're in Aster's place". He promptly moved to the other side!

    DH mentioned how much it changes your routine when you have one less dog. He took them out every morning to do their "business". Aster would be loose and Rey on the flexi-lead. He said it was strange to come back in without having to call Aster back to him.

    Every evening after dinner I fill the dog's Kongs with treats. Rey knows what it means when I say "get the Kong" and he brings me his (the smaller one). Then I tell him "get the other one" and he would bring me Aster's which is the larger of the two. Monday night he brought me his and without being told went and got Aster's. I took it from him and set it on the counter while I fixed his Kong then I put it in his toy box. Last night he brought me his, went to the toy box and looked at and sniffed the other one, then came back without it.

    Once again, thank you for your responses. I really appreciate them all!

  17. mezombie

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    Your eulogy is beautiful, and made me cry, too!

    It is so excruciatingly sad when we lose a wonderful furry companion.

    You will be in my thoughts.

    Take good care of yourself,


    BILLCAMO New Member

    Your last reply again brought tears to my eyes. And also fond memories of my last yellow lab , Buster.

    If your DH still hunts and it fits the budget , perhaps you should consider getting a lab pup. That may be helpful to Rey , your DH , and even to yourself.

    Some people may think I'm crazy or just being sentimental.

    But , I swear that the spirits of my previous dogs come back through my current dogs to share the love and affection that they gave me before.

    The "new" dog always has its own personality , but somehow , I see parts of my previous best friend in them.

    Maybe it's just me...or maybe it's love....I don't know.

    Even though Cocoa is a Min Pin , she thinks she's a bird dog. LOL :>)

    Blessings ,

  19. Granniluvsu

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    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I know it is terrible time for all in your family and it will take time heal the hurt. That does not mean you will ever forget your dear friend.

    It is especially hard to put them down but I know you did what was right for her, so as not to have her suffer any more.

    They always stay in your heart and you will have lots of fond memories when you think of her, I know. She sounds so much like a wonderfully, sweet, smart and sensitive dog.

    May God bless Aster ,and you and family as well !!

    Hugs and blessings,

  20. Mikie

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    Yes, she will be waiting for you. I pray for comfort for your grieving spirits.

    Love, Mikie