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    My opinion on the god thing (by Moonwatcher) 07/15/04 07:36 AM

    Okay, What I'm about to say may be nonsense to some of you, but for me, I know it to be as factual as me sitting here right now writng this message. I can give you so many examples as to why I KNOW there is a higher power that some call God, Budda, or whom ever. But, I don't want to bore you so please allow me to build up to my own personal belief. Get a drink, kick back, this will be a long read!

    I truly am saddened by those who do not believe in a higher power, who "blame him", for their torment in this life on earth. I pray for those folk's.

    I was born Catholic,(Roman).If you are familiar with this religion, you may understand where I'm coming from as to where I've been and where I am today. Catholic school,cofession on Saturday, mass on Sunday, the whole nine yards! Interesting you spoke of your change in believe when you were 13 or 14 years old, so was I.

    I had an epiphany one day and decided not to go back to church nor catholic school. I had been abused by nuns, forced to write with my right hand when all along, I was born left handed. today I am ambidextris (left hand dominent), write only with my right hand. I learned quickly that if I picked up a pencil, naturally with my left hand, it got whacked with a yard stick from the nun who snuck up behind me.

    Anyway, as the free spirit I am, and was back then, I thought; "Why must I confess my sins to a man dressed in black and he will ask God to forgive me"? So, I never went to confession again, I speak directly to God and I KNOW HE HEARS ME! How do I know you ask?

    Divine intevention, that's how. The right people at the right time, popping out of no where, the right song on the radio, dialogue in a movie, words written in a book, circumstances, all relating back to what I needed help with and prayed for. Hense, my prayer was answered.

    As far as how some of you believe that it's God's fault your so messed up. If you don't believe he exsists, how can you blame him? I left the church mainly because of hypocracey! My own Father was an alchoholic, he beat mom, messed around with other women, lied, cheated, and stole. But, every Saturday he confessed to the man in black (priest), every Sunday he would go to mass and then start all over again on Monday!

    There are millions of people like that. Therefore, I do not believe in "organized religion" also because of the greed...churches want your money, not your soul! All for God of course, ya, right. Then there's guilt, that's another chapter. Please don't mis understand me, I do respect those who feel the need to belong to a church and I also respect other people's believes or disbelieves whether I agree or not.

    MY church is within me, my spirit, my soul, my entire being. Not a man made building filled with great people who really don't know for sure what there doing there! (my opinion). I don't believe that God is a man nor a woman, I believe that God is power, and everlasting energy force and that we are a part of this energy, our spirits dwell in our bodies and when we've completed our mission in this world,we no longer need our vessl or body. Only then are our spirits truly free and travel to "the otherside" A higher plain on existance and knowledge that we as human beings do not know nor do we have the answers too.

    Remember this, why is it that we only use 1/3rd of our brain? What else is in there? We will know one day and have faith that this life is not a waste of our time. there is a purpose, I don't have a clue what it is, but I do know that there is.

    Some people believe that in the spirit world, there is a hall of records of sorts. That as spirits, we plan and map out what our life will be here on earth when we enter a vessel or body, if you will. that we choose our parents, we choose our path, our heartaches, trials and tribulations, in order to achieve a higher understanding.

    A syllibis of sorts of what classes we will take on in this "School" called life. And, that we even choose how our human body will die! And when! I have difficulty with this one for sure!!! But, what do I know?

    I know that in all my years of Hospice nursing, helping people die, the Athiests had the most difficult, frightening time to transcend from here to there.

    I know that people who truly believed in God/higher power, left this world in peace. You can argue all day with me on this one, but I have witnessed this well over a thousand times while at the bedside of the person ready to leave on their journey "home"

    I know that my Mother, Father, and Grandmother have come to me in dreams and helped me through many turbulent times.They have also come to me in everyday life while I'm awake, in subtle ways. You have to be aware or you can't,don't, and won't see or hear from any spirit from the "otherside"

    I often ask myself; "How much more dues must I pay to graduate from life to life everlasting"? How much more heartache and pain can I endure at this point in my life at 50 years old? Why is it that some people just glide right through life, happy, healthy, and wealthy and MY life is such a struggle, a constant fight? And my blessings? there are many, but are they merely bandaids for my weeping wounds?

    We all strive to survive. Why? Why must we strive to survive if we are only going to die and let the worms eat us? Because there is a God, there is a better place, otherwise, we wouldn't exist period! would you agree? It's simple logic. We are not here for nothing!

    Gees, I think I opened up a big can of worms! We all have alot to ponder at this point.But one thing I know for sure, My faith has NEVER waivered, I have more faith today than ever before in my life. I don't blame God for my ailments, etc. I don't blame anyone or anything. This is life, it's as simple as that. Thank's for listening, peace and love to all.....Moonwatcher

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    Moonwatcher 07/15/04 07:47 AM

    Thanks for sharing your feelings and philosophies with us...........mine is very much the same as you aren't going to get any negative feedback from me..........that's for sure!

    Don't you just love divine intervention......




    Dear Moonwatcher, 07/15/04 08:14 AM

    You are a very insiteful person! I was a person who was very skeptical and being from a science background (med. tech) found it hard to believe in God.

    But, I had a wake-up call from God when I had a serious bout with depression 3 years ago. I started reading the Bible and also books with a scientific foundation to them and came to the conclusion that yes there is a God.

    If you read books about the Big Bang theory of how this universe came about, you will find that there are a lot of believers in a higher power amongst many quantum mechanics scientists.

    There had to be divine intervention in the creation of the universe because if the force of the Big Bang was more or less than it was, either the universe would have collapsed onto itself or it would have kept expanding at such a rate that life as we know it wouldn't have been possible.

    I too, have had what I thought was divine intervention in just happening to come across an article or talk to a person that helped me to solve a problem I was having.

    I am 50 years old too, and I think that a belief in a higher power comes with age. Sometimes when you are young, you don't think about death and you are so busy with life that you don't really think about God.

    I think in some people's lives it takes something bad happening to them to make them really think about God and the hereafter. I know it did for me.

    Thanks for your insiteful post. Take care, Sally



    Great Post 07/15/04 08:21 AM




    wow 07/15/04 08:57 AM

    you took words right out of my mouth. right down to the catholic school thing...... LOL
    and the devine intervention.. all I can ay is, that is something that once you experience it, cant really be explained to someone else. you need to experience it to know the peace it brings.
    thank you for saying all this. you put into words what I feel inside.



    Excellent !!! :) 07/15/04 08:59 AM

    Dearest Moonwatcher. . .

    You prompted a glorious giggle from me when I read this statement. . .

    >"If you don't believe he exists, how can you blame him?"<

    Excellent point! :) As my youngest daughter would say, "Uh. . .Like DUH?"

    From my heart to yours. . .Thank You.





    Without GRACE 07/15/04 09:02 AM

    I'd be lost! Its Gods grace that pulls me up when I am down! Without His grace I'd probably just hang it up! I hate feeling sick all the time, I hate the whole DD, but I must say, that WITH it I talk to God a WHOLE lot more than I would if I was well. Hmmm is that His plan? You never know!



    I believe and its based on a very logical reasoning...... 07/15/04 09:07 AM

    I can not imagine going through life without this faith in God.

    I will share with you an example from a logical point of view which someone gave me many years ago, when I was still forming my own beliefs.

    I can choose to either live my life believing that there is a God. Believing that there is a life after this one. Believing that there is a Heaven (a place in the presense of God) and that there is a Hell (a place with the absense of God.) Then when I come to the end of my life only to find out that I was wrong in my beliefs...what did I loose?

    This Christian life that I try to live helps to keep me at peace with my fellow men(women) and helps me to have an inner peace that is hard to explain to those who are still searching. This is the kind of life that follows the laws of the land which are based on the very same laws found in the Bible. (Well I must confess that I do speed occasionally, but I try not too!) This is a life that draws a well defined line between what is right and wrong. A life that abides by the "golden rule" as closely as one can!

    My other option was to choose to live my life not outside the Christian faith. Living and believing that there is no God, no Heaven nor Hell. I could live my life without a defined order, always doing what is best for me and disregarding those commandments found in the Bible. Then when my life is over I find, as a "non-believer" in God, that I was the one mistaken and there really is a God. What will I loose?

    "What shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the world and loose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his Soul?" Mark 8:36,37

    I was and still am a very logical person. I usually make good decision when there is a clear and definable good, or bad decision to be made.

    Let me ask you now, the same question that someone asked me many years ago. Who has the most to loose if they are wrong?

    Maybe I should ask first if you believe that this civilized law, which we all currently try to live by, is a law actually worth living under? Would it be a better world if we all lived under the "best and strongest" also coined as the "Law of the Jungle" philosophy? A law that implies that you should take what you can and leave the rest to.... well I am rambling..... sorry for that.

    It was a pretty easy decision for me.

    I have many other reasons why I choose to believe in God. This is just one of my reasons from the logical point of view.

    Let me add that there are those who will no doubt want to "logically" argue a point in this "situation" I presented, asking how it can be a "true" faith if there remains this question of doubt...this acknowledgement that perhaps I could be wrong and upon death I will find that there really is no God at all...

    I would in answer to that very valid observation refer you to the Bible, which I believe to be inspired by the God in whom I believe.

    To find the answer as how one believes and yet still has some doubt (unbelief) go to the New Testament in th scriptures and read Mark 9:17-24.

    This is about a man who brought his son, whom he described as having a "dumb spirit" which would take hold and "tear" him, and he would "foam and gnash his teeth"

    Jesus asked the man how long this condition(very possibly epelipsey) had been with his son, and the man replied "since he was a child".

    The man asked Jesus if he could help his son since the deciples were not able to heal him.

    Jesus then said in verse 23 "...If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth"

    The man replied "Lord, I believe; help thou my unbelief."

    This is just one example how God can accept the faith we have, understanding that within that faith or belief there will be times of unbelief.

    As long as we trust him with all the faith we possess on our own, fully trusting him to take care of our unbelieving nature, well, that my friend is a working faith.

    A faith that has weaknesses and limitations, but a faith that has a God who is stronger then our weakness.

    Now that is the best way I can describe my faith from the logical side.

    There can and will be many many more areas where those who do not believe can find fault with how a Shristian trusts blindly in something he has never seen.

    I will not, simply for the sake of argument, try to persuade you or any other atheist to believe in my God.

    I will simply say that I do believe. That I respect your right to not believe even though I do not understand your choice, anymore then you could possible understand mine.

    Good luck to you as you fight this terrible disease.

    I do wish for you, my friend, to find a peace which I found in my belief of God.

    I wish for you to find true joy beyond (or in spite of)the pain of this illness.

    Gently hugs from Woodie



    Hoosier. . . 07/15/04 09:16 AM

    . . .Mama - Mia!

    Check out what you stated here. . .(I'm breaking it up in hopes that you can see/feel what I did!:). . .

    >"I'd be lost! Its God's grace that pulls me up when I am down! Without His grace I'd probably just hang it up!"<

    >"I hate feeling sick all the time, I hate the whole DD,"<

    >"but I must say, that WITH it I talk to God a WHOLE lot more than I would if I was well."<

    >"Hmmm is that His plan?. . ."<

    >"You never know!"<

    Just my humble opinion (and with due respect). . .
    I believe you DO "know!" :)



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    The god thing 07/15/04 09:31 AM

    One thing I have found in life is that religion is not a good discussion to get involved in. We all have our beliefs and we are all different. There is no wrong or right religion. I myself could not imagine a life without the belief in god. But that is just my opinion. Maybe this discussion should be better left to another board for discussion. Like the worship board perhaps? By the way, I am a devoted Catholic.

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    I could have written this post, it was very similiar to my life. I too am a former Catholic and I got unhappy with it and felt it was time to move on. I had to ask myself if these believes made any sense to me and they did not. I did not believe in alot of their ritualistic things so I left.

    I think all churches have their good points and bad points not just the Catholic faith. But I feel you have to go within your self to really find God. He`s been their all along.