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    The test is way long and complex so I can't get all the results in here plus it would be too boring. I'll include some examples of different markers and what they said and the recommendations they made. They recommended various supplements, most of which I had already been taking. So I upped the dosages, about doubled them, and have improved.

    The tests show I'm having problems with:

    B complex markers
    intestinal dysbiosis
    carbohydrate metabolism
    CAC cycle ratios
    Citric Acid Cycle
    Liver Detox Indicators

    My recommendations were:

    5 Htp 100 mg 3x daily
    - I was already taking about 50 mg 3x daily so now I'm taking about 100 mg 4x daily. I keep waking up in the middle of the night around 2 and 4 am so I take 100 mg at each of those times plus twice during the day.

    5 Htp is indicated due to the high level of 5-HIAA in urine which suggests serotonin catabolism and a possible loss of tryptophan reserves.
    BCAAs - branched chain amino acids (combination of Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine)500 mg 2x daily - I was not taking these separately, only what was in the Daily Energy Enfusion powder - altogether about 1400 mg per day. I've ordered them and will probably take 500 mg 2-4 x daily since I always do well with aminos.

    Depressed succinate levels is suggestive of a deficiency of BCAAs.

    chromium picolinate 200 mcg 2x daily - there is 200 mcg in the Daily Energy Enfusion powder already so I got some and am taking 400 mcg extra 2x per day.

    Elevated beta-hydroxybutyrate may be indicative of an inability to properly process carbohydrates leading to elevated ketone bodies in the urine. Chromium picolinate may help to restore proper carbohydrate metabolism.

    probiotics 3x daily - was already taking some almost every morning and will now take Primal Defense 3 pills 3x daily

    A comprehensive probiotic protocol has shown promise in relieving intestinal bacteria and parasitic infections. It is important to use a broad spectrum of probiotic organisms with a high concentration, preferably 20-25 billion of live oganisms per capsule.

    biotin 800 mcg 2x daily - I was already taking a bioactive B vitamin complex with high doses so I have doubled that and incuded more B12 and more biotin

    Functions as CO2 carrier for ATP enzymes. It is essential for the metabolism of lipids especially the omega 6 fat DGLA. Essentail to the metabolism of carbohydrates and some amino acids. Elevated beta-hydroxyisovalerate is a good indicator of a biotin deficiency.

    Glycine 500 mg 2x daily - one amino that is in my Daily Energy Enfusion powder and I got another liquid amino blend with a high glycine content which I'm using throughout the day and getting about 3 grams of glycine now.

    Glycine is an important amino acid and it is helpful in lowering the levels of benzoate and hippurate.


    I have a 10 page report with graphs and readings on all the different markers in great detail but the recommendations sum it up really well. I had spoken with someone before I did the test about the fact that I was already taking so many supplements and did not want to stop for the test because I knew I would suffer extreme discomfort and return of most of my symptoms if I did. But they said to keep taking everything and it will just be something that I have to tie in with the new recommendations, I didn't have to stop anything. Although, there were a few foods and beverages I was told not to consume for a couple of days before the test.

    I can't remember them all and I'm probably confusing them with the hormone list of restricted testing foods but since I did them together I had to make sure I ate no tomatos, grapes, raisins, grape juice, walnuts, bananas, avocados, and a few more I can't remember.

    They measured ranges of:

    glycolysis metabolites: pyruvate and lactate

    citric acid cycle metabolites: citrate, cis-aconitate, isocitrate, alpha ketoglutarate, succinate, fumarate, malate

    fatty acid oxidation: adipate, suberate, ethylmalonate, methylsuccinate

    ketone metabolites: alpha hydroxybutyrate, beta hydroxybutyrate

    etc, etc, etc

    Like I said, very complicated and involved and very boring so this is just a sample to give you an idea of what you get. The recommendations are what's important, all the other measurements are just to show how they arrived at their recommendations.

    And they also listed some drugs that would further aggravate the elements of blood chemistry that are out of range. I'm not taking any of them, but these are the drugs they said could cause some of my problems if I were taking them: insulin, lithium, methotrexate, prozac and reserpine.

    There are some other issues but this is enough for now. I'm glad I had this done. It makes me feel better about all the stuff I'm taking, that I'm not flying so "blind" and if anything, I wasn't taking enough of some things that I already thought were megadoses to start with, like the B vitamins.

    Your doctor can order this (if you can convince him to but they never like patients to tell them what to do) or you can order it and do it yourself. I used Vitamin Research Products.

    So here are some concrete scientific evaluations for a specific supplement regime. Gee, I wonder why doctors don't know about this? Could it be that it may conflict with the drugs they want to give us to help mask all these deficiencies? They only make money if they tell you to take Prozac and not 5Htp.

    best wishes,


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    I was wondering about your organic acid tests, thx for posting. like you say, quite technical and the recs are most important. like you say, good to confirm what you are already taking and up the dose on some things.

    I had an amino acid, organic acid, oxidative stress and antioxidant panels done a few weeks ago so I am looking forward to getting the results. I presume I will get a report too but the lab is in my my home city and I see my Dr. and the pharmacist in mid May to go over the results and see what they recommend.

    I will post my results or a summary of them when I find out.

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    Oh good, I'm dying to know what a medical doctor would recommend. And what he thinks about your test. I'll be watching for those results, thanks.

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    If you can't ingest things the body needs, you should try to figure out why. If it's because you need one that is made with organic ingredients, or you need a more bioactive "body ready" form of that substance or if you can take maybe a very small dose at a time, etc. It may be that your liver is hypersensitive and there are steps you can take to address that. I can't take just any cheap, grocery store supplement, either. And many things I split up during the day. I don't take a full daily dose of ANYTHING just one time. I have my own chemical sensitivities, though probably not as bad as you.

    You may also be hypersensitive because you are eating something your immune system doesn't like. Have you tried a slow, methodical elimination diet? Sure, it sucks, but things like dairy make my body so hypersensitive to everything, that I can't hardly eat anything. You may food intolerance or allergy issues that show up as MCS. Are you sure your GI tract is in good shape? Do you have gluten intolerance?

    Have you checked out the yeast issue? Yeast can mess up your gut and create these kinds of problems. It took me months of eating nothing but brown rice, veggies, beans, lentils, chicken and fish before I could eat without major discomfort and I could start adding other foods like apples and grapes. I have recently added bananas and nuts, finally, after eating clean for about a year. It's very slow going, but it's still better than rotting away in bed like I did for so long. My food allergies to some foods have disappeared but I still have to be careful.

    If you don't try to correct the deficiencies you have, you will remain in a vicious circle of needing things and having to compensate. Have you tried free form amino acids? They should give you the least problems especially if you take like a 1 gram pill every 2 hours or so. That's what your body breaks down protein into and they will save your digestive system the trouble of breaking them down - they are ready to be absorbed and utilized right away. Your body is probably starved for them and you will know right away if they are helping or not.

    I hate to see anyone give up, that's all!

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    Hey Karen, I've been following some of your posts, so glad to see how well your doing. I'm glad for you.

    What kind of lab panel would would you say a medical doctor would want to order to try and see what's going on? (I have zero funds towards any specialized testing).

    Just wondering what kind of test would be ordered, metabolic, nutritional?

    I'm stumped here!! Any input? Thank you, Rita
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    Hi Karen. I haven't been here for awhile and can't read too much but stopped and read your description of tests and recommendations. I have some trouble taking things too, like B vitamins it seems and possibly acidopholis. I have extreme MCS also. I wanted to thank you, though because you really went the extra step to answer the question and were so helpful. Hugs, Penny
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    Are these test results from Dr Yasko's tests? I ask because I am thinking of having tests done through her and wanted to know if you feel postive about the results - in other words would you recommend this lab/testing company?

    Thanks for your help,